Bilateral French-Russian Seminar
June 30 - July 2, 2007          Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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Co-organizers: F. Klopp and A.Fedotov

The Seminar is sponsored by RFBR (Russia) and CNRS (France)

The spectral theory is one of the most important fields in mathematics and mathematical physics. The asymptotic methods are ones of the central powerful tools as for the applications of the spectral theory so for the spectral theory itself.

The workshop will bring together French and Russian specialists in the asymptotic theory of differential and difference operators and PDE's. These themes are traditional strong points in both Russian and French mathematical schools. They include, in particular, the development and applications of the semi-classical, adiabatic and the homogenization asymptotic methods. The list of applications where one uses these methods is extremely large.

During the conference, discussing this classical field, we will concentrate on the modern applications related for example to the spectral theory of perturbed periodic and quasi-periodic equations, the study of orthogonal polynomials, the study of Ginzburg Landau equation, the theory of spectral resonances and the scattering theory. The study of the semi-classical and adiabatic limits of PDE's has evolved a lot over the last years. Bringing together high level specialists will allow to get an overview of a field, to systematize the main results and the most interesting open questions and reveal the new tendencies.

The conference will contribute to the collaboration between the French and Russian groups which has begun after the conference hold in Euler Institute in 1993 and that has appeared to be very fruitful.

There are will be 5 sessions each containing three 45 minutes talks (some of these 45 minutes talks will be replaced with, say, two 20-25 minutes talks):

I. Adiabatic methods in spectral theory
II. Resonances
III.Semi-classical methods and PDE
IV. Periodic problems and homogenization
V. Spectral asymptotics

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