Leonhard Euler

The International Conference
applications to logic, representation theory, mathematical physics
June 1 - 7, 2007                   Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Satellite Meeting for
Festival dedicated to 300th birthday of Leonhard EULER


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Dear colleagues,

The Organizers are pleased to announce the international conference

Applications to Mathematical Logic, Representation
Theory, Mathematical Physics and Geometry

Dates: June 1 - 7, 2007
Place: EIMI, St.Petersburg, Russia

Organizers and sponsors

St.Petersburg Department of Steklov Institute of Mathematics of RAS (POMI RAN)
Euler International Mathematical Institute (EIMI)
Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR)
National Science Foundation, USA (NSF)
St.Petersburg Mathematical Society

Program Committee

  • A. Blass (Univ. of Michigan, USA)
  • E. Griffor (Univ. of Michigan, USA)
  • A. Kechris (Caltech, USA)
  • A. Lubotzky (Hebrew Univ., Israel)
  • Yu. Matiyasevich, vice-chairman (POMI, St.Petersburg)
  • A. Okounkov (Berkeley, USA)
  • A. Razborov (Princeton, USA; MIAN, Moscow)
  • W. Rytter (Warsaw Univ., Poland)
  • J. Steprans (York Univ., Canada)
  • A. Vershik, chairman (POMI, St.Petersburg)
  • Zhang Yi, vice-chairman (Sun Yat-sen Univ., China)
The conference will focus on the overview of Euler's contribution to mathematics and try to draw a wide picture of modern combinatorics and its applications.

The logic part of the conference is within the framework of "Methods of Logic in Mathematics'2007" project, which is supported by the NSF (USA).

Tentative Talks

  • J. Brendle
  • O. Belegradek
  • M. Bozejko
  • A. Iwanov
  • A. de Luca
  • M. Di Nasso
  • D. Feichtner-Kozlov
  • S. Fomin
  • D. Hernandez
  • J. Karhumäki
  • D. Jackson
  • E. Hrushovsky
  • B. Kastermans
  • S. Lando
  • A. Louveau
  • A. Lubotzky
  • V. Malyshev
  • A. Nabutovsky
  • J. Nesetril
  • N. Obata *
  • G. Olshansky
  • V. Pestov
  • A. Raigorodsky
  • N. Reshetikhin
  • M. Rosso
  • S. Thomas
  • X. Viennot
  • R. Wilson
  • S. Yuzvinsky
Special day will be devoted to the short talks of young mathematicians.

The conference fee is 240 USD. For Russian participants who work inside Russia, the fee will be covered by the grant of Russian Basic Research Foundation (if our application is approved). Unfortunately we could not reimburse the expenses of foreign participants by the Russian grants. People who work outside Russia should find their own resources to support their trip.

On the other hand, we will provide free lunches and the banquet for the conference participants.

Please, let us know whether you will take part in the conference and fill in the registration form at our conference site: http://www.pdmi.ras.ru/EIMI/2007/LEMC/.

You can find information about visas at our site.

We ask you to send the abstracts of your talk by e-mail: lemc@imi.ras.ru.

Organizing Committee