The International Conference
June 14-20, 2009          Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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Scientific Program

  1. Plenary Sessions.
    Include 60-min and 45-min lectures on the main topics of the conference.

    Tentative Plenary Speakers

    • Yury A. Brudnyi (IIT, Israel)
    • Nikolai. I. Chernykh (IMM UB RAN, Russia)
    • Charles Chui (UMSL, USA)
    • Wayne Michael Lawton (NUS, Singapore)
    • Dany Leviatan (TAU, Israel)
    • Alexander M. Olevskii (TAU, Israel)
    • Vladimir Yu. Protasov (MSU, Russia)
    • Amos Ron (CS WISC, USA)
    • Maria A. Skopina (StPSU, Russia)
    • Vladimir N. Temlyakov (USC, USA)
    • Michael Unser (EPFL, Switzerland)
    • Przemyslaw Jacek Wojtaszczyk (MIMUW, Poland)

  2. Parallel Sessions.
    Include 45-min lectures and 20-min talks

    1. wavelet bases and frames;
    2. multiresolution and wavelet methods;
    3. signal analysis and processing;
    4. related topics in approximation theory and functional analysis

  3. Poster Session


    The authors should submit the electronic copy of the abstract to the conference address mailto: until March 15, 2009.

    The abstract should be LaTeX-formatted and should not exceed one page.

    \textwidth=108mm \textheight=169mm
    \bf TITLE\\
    Name of the author\\
    An official address\\
    {\it E-mail}
    Text of the abstract
    \smallskip \centerline {\bf References}

    Registration fee is 70 Euro, plus the processing fee of 20 or 10 Euro in some cases, see (*) below, (part of this maybe return for the participants working in CIS-countries if we obtain financial support from Russian Foundation for Basic Research; in this case the fee is supposed to be less or equal than 1000 rub)

    Accompanying persons: 20 or 10 Euro per person in some cases, in accordance with (*) below.

    Please fill in the Registration Form until February 1, 2009 .

    IF YOU NEED A RUSSIAN VISA, we ask you to fill in the visa form and send scanned copy of your passport until February 1, 2009 (See visa page).
    The Institute will provide you with an invitation needed for visa formalities.

    (*)Such an invitation will be authorized by a governmental department and will imply obtaining a visa nearly automatically. The processing costs of 20 Euro per person will be added to the registration fee. (A simpler procedure will normally be used for citizens of certain EU countries, for a lower processing cost of 10 Euro).
    If, besides the invitation described above, you need also one for the administration of your institution, please, contact Ms. Yanina Shibaeva

    Accommodation will be arranged at nearby hotels (we'll do our best to arrange it for reasonably low price) (See Useful Information).
    If you have some special accommodation requests (say, you prefer a downtown hotel, or you come with accompanying persons, etc.), you are invited to contact Ms. Nadya Zalesskaya