The International Conference
Banach Spaces Geometry
September 5-11,2010          Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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The international conference "Banach Spaces Geometry" will be held at the Euler International Mathematical Institute ( September 5-11, 2010).

We hope that the time spent at the conference will be not only useful for scientific exchanges, but also pleasant due to the historical places and cultural treasures of St. Petersburg.

The main subjects of the conference are

  • Banach Spaces Geometry,
  • Strong and Weak Topologies,
  • Banach-Saks Property,
  • Strictly Singlular Operators,
  • Non-commutative Spaces,
  • Interpolation of Linear and Sublinear Operators,
  • Related Topics in Approximation Theory and Functional Analysis.

The conference is organized by St. Petersburg branch of Steklov Mathematical Institute and Voronezh State University. The program includes plenary 60- and 45-minutes lectures, 45- and 30-minutes sectional presentation and posters.

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