Dear participants!

1.Here you can find the programme of the conference

You can check your paper for misprints in the Collection of extended abstracts of talks.


The full registration fee includes a free pick up service from the Airport. If you arrive by plane, please, give the details of your arrival by filling in the pick up form.

Upon arrival at the meeting point please look for a person with "Euler Mathematical Institute" plate.The contact number just in case is +79602791037. (for sms or calls)


Registration desk will be open on June 17 at the Euler Institute from 11:00 till 17:00 and on June 18 from 9:00 till 10:30.
The conference will open at 10:30.
The registration fee should be paid at the registration desk in cash. Credit cards are not accepted.
For the participants from the CIS countries the fee is partly covered from the RFBR N 11-01-06019. Russian participants, who have agreed this with Organizes, please see the link for reimbursement.


Lunches (buffi table) will be served for the participants at the restaurant of the hotel "Andersen" at a walking distance from the Euler Institute. They are only covered by full registration fee and will cost 250 rub each for CIS citizens. They Coffee and tea will be available at the Euler Institute.


A guided tour to Peterhof is going to be organized on 20 June. No lectures will be on this day.
There will be a boat trip on 22 June.


Euros and US dollars are exchanged by all exchange offices; however, other currencies may cause some difficulties (bad rate or no bank to exchange). Now the average rate is 40 RBL for 1 euro and 28 RBL for 1 USD. Personal and Traveller's checks, as well as credit cards, are usually accepted at all major banks in the city. Be sure TO AVOID exchanging your currency NEAR exchange offices.


The weather is variable. The average temperature in June is about 18C. So, usually it is about 20C during the day. It may be rainy.