Arithmetic and allied subjects on the banks of the Neva

24-28 November, 2014

Euler International Mathematical Institute, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

This conference will be held at the Euler International Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Saint Petersburg, Russia, on 24-28 November, 2014 (http://www.pdmi.ras.ru/EIMI/).


The conference is a part of the Lame Chair project in mathematics, launched jointly by the Embassy of France in Russia, Hadamard Mathematical Foundation and the Chebyshev Lab at St. Petersburg State University.

Number theory has traditionally played the role of a borderland and meeting point, thanks in part to its need and readiness to use tools from different fields. The last few years have been a particularly productive period in analytic number theory and in what has come to be called additive combinatorics, whose connections to geometric group theory and model theory are only starting to be explored.

Many of the questions involved - expansion, spectral gaps and amenability, for instance - have been studied by researchers focused on the analytical and geometrical side of group theory.

The conference will cover these and other intersections. Its area cuts across traditional boundaries between fields.

The conference is supported by:

"HOME TOWNS" - social investment programme of Gazprom Neft
The Chebyshev Laboratory

Russian Foundation for Basic Research

Programme committee:

Harald Helfgott (CNRS Paris VI/VII, France, chairman),
Kate Juschenko (Northwestern University).


Proskurin N.V. (PDMI, Chairman),
Zograf P.G. (PDMI, Chebyshev lab),
Petrov F.V. (PDMI),
Alpeev A.V. (Chebyshev lab, SbSU),
Zalesskaya N. (secretary, EIMI),
Vinogradova .V.(secretary, EIMI).

List of speakers:

Boris Adamczewski
Ekaterina Amerik
Yuri Bilu
Valentin Blomer
Regis de la Breteche
Inna Capdeboscq
Antonio Cordoba
Yves de Cornulier
Pietro Corvaja
Martin Kassabov
Sergey Konyagin
Anne-Maria Ernvall-Hytonen
Yuri Matiyasevich
James Maynard
Narutaka Ozawa
Aleksei Parshin
Andrei Raigorodskii
Misha Rudnev
Per Salberger
Ilya Shkredov
Tatiana Smirnova-Nagnibeda
Alexei Skorobogatov
Romain Tessera
Alain Valette
Anatoly Vershik
Julia Wolf
(CNRS, Inst. de Math. de Marseille)
(HSE, Universite Paris-Sud, Orsay, France)
(Universite Bordeaux I, France)
(Universite Paris VII, France)
(University of Warwick, UK)
(Universidad Autonoma de Madrid)
(CRNS, Universite Paris-Sud, Orsay, France)
(Cornell University)
(Moscow State University)
(Univ. of Helsinki, Finland)
(Steklov Institute Saint Petersburg, Russia)
(Math. Inst. Univ. of Oxford / CRM / Universite de Montreal )
(University of Kyoto, Japan)
(Steklov Mathem. Inst. RAS)
(Moscow State Univ., Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia)
(University of Bristol, UK)
(Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
(Steklov Mathem. Inst. RAS, Moscow State Univ., Russia)
(Universite de Geneve)
(Imperial College London)
(Universite Paris-Sud, Orsay, France)
(Univ. de Neuchatel, Switzerland)
(Steklov (Saint Petersburg) and Saint Petersburg State University)
(University of Bristol, UK)

Here you can find information on the Conference "Zeta Functions 5" to be held in Moscow December 1 - 5, 2014 which will cover closely related topics to our Conference.

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