Arithmetic and allied subjects on the banks of the Neva

24-28 November, 2014

Euler International Mathematical Institute, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

List of speakers

Boris Adamczewski Diophantine equations in characteristic p and finite automata
Ekaterina Amerik P-adic uniformization in algebraic dynamics
Yuri Bilu CM-points on straight lines and hyperbolas
Valentin BlomerArithmetic, combinatorics and analysis of rational points on a cubic fourfold
Regis de la BretecheLargest prime factor of integer value of polynomial of degree 4
Inna CapdeboscqOn some pro-p groups arising from infinite Lie theory
Antonio Cordoba Two Mathematical Haikus
Yves de CornulierGradings on Lie algebras and endomorphisms of nilpotent groups
Pietro Corvaja Hilbert Irreducibility Theorem over linear algebraic groups
Anne-Maria Ernvall-Hytonen On Baker type bounds and generalised transcendence measure (joint work with K. Lepp\"al\"a and Tapani Matala-aho)
Harald Helfgott Soficity, recurrence and short cycles of exponential maps (joint work with K. Juschenko)
Martin KassabovIntersection growth and zeta functions for nilpotent groups
Sergey KonyaginLarge gaps between consecutive primes
Yuri Matiyasevich Approximation of Riemann's zeta function by some finite Dirichlet series
James MaynardLarge gaps between primes
Narutaka OzawaNoncommutative real algebraic geometry of Kazhdan's property (T)
Aleksei ParshinA holomorphic version of the Tate-Iwasawa method and its applications
Nikolai Proskurin The zeta function of the sum of three squares
Andrei RaigorodskiiSet covering problems: from combinatorial geometry to the geometry of numbers
Misha Rudnev Some incidence geometry questions, viewed on the Klein-Pluecker quadric
Per Salberger Counting rational points on projective varieties
Ilya Shkredov Sum-products and energies
Tatiana Smirnova-Nagnibeda Spectral zeta-function of the lamplighter groups, de Brujin graphs and the polylogarithm
Alexei SkorobogatovApplications of additive combinatorics to rational points
Romain Tessera Local-Global rigidity for vertex-transitive graphs
Alain ValetteBox spaces: bridging geometric and asymptotic group theory
Anatoly VershikProbabilistic approach to the additive problems in number theory and combinatorics
Julia Wolf Ramsey multiplicity of patterns in abelian groups