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The conference is conceived as a meeting point for specialists in various branches of mathematics related to maps on surfaces. The speakers are asked to make special efforts in order to be understood by colleagues from different domains. Proceedings of the conference will be published in a special issue of the journal Zapiski Nauchnykh Seminarov POMI. English version of the journal is published as the Journal of Mathematical Sciences.

The conference is supported by:

Joint research project "Lame Chair" (Embassy of France in Russia, Hadamard Mathematical Foundation, St. Petersburg State University)
"HOME TOWNS" - social investment programme of Gazprom Neft
Russian Scientific Foundation

Russian Foundation for Basic Research


Programme committee
Alexander Zvonkin (Bordeaux) - chair: zvonkin [at] labri.fr
Gareth Jones (Southampton): g.a.jones [at] maths.soton.ac.uk
Sergei Lando (Moscow): lando [at] hse.ru
Yuri Matiyasevich (St. Petersburg): yumat [at] pdmi.ras.ru
Peter Zograf (St. Petersburg): zograf [at] pdmi.ras.ru

Organizing committee
Peter Zograf (St. Petersburg) - chair: zograf [at] pdmi.ras.ru
Sergei Duzhin (St. Petersburg): duzhin [at] pdmi.ras.ru
Alexei Pastor (St. Petersburg): pastor [at] pdmi.ras.ru
Tat'yana Vinogradova (St. Petersburg): vinogradova [at] pdmi.ras.ru
Nadezhda Zalesskaya (St. Petersburg): zaleska [at] pdmi.ras.ru
Alexander Zvonkin (Bordeaux): zvonkin [at] labri.fr

List of participants

The Conference Photo

Abstracts of talks