Arithmetic geometry, Chow groups and rational points

June 16-20, 2015

Steklov Mathematical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

This conference will be held at the Steklov Mathematical Institute RAN, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The conference is a part of the Lame Chair project in mathematics, launched jointly by the Embassy of France in Russia, Jacques Hadamard Mathematical Foundation and the Chebyshev Laboratory at St. Petersburg State University.

The Conference is supported by

  • Embassy of France in Russian Federation,
  • Jacques Hadamard Mathematical Foundation
  • "NATIVE TOWNS" - social investment program of JSC "Gazprom Neft"
  • Russian Science Foundation (ะอิ)

    The topics:

  • Rational points and zero-cycles of varieties over global fields
  • Rationally connected varieties
  • Arithmetic of linear algebraic groups over global fields
  • Rationality problems (stable rationality, birational invariants)
  • Chow groups of zero-cycles over rationally connected varieties, connexions with algebraic K-theory,
  • motivic cohomology and unramified cohomology
  • Organizers:

    a) Institutions participating in the organization of the event: Chaire Lamé Ambassade de France en Russie; Chebyshev Laboratory; Euler Institute, Fondation Jacques Hadamard (Paris-Saclay, France); possibly PDMI.

    b) Programme committee: J.-L. Colliot-Thélène (CNRS et Université Paris-Sud, France; holder of the chair Lamé April-May-June 2015), Ivan Panin (Petersburg department of Steklov Institute, Russia), Alexei Skorobogatov (Imperial College, London, UK)


    Ulrich Derenthal,
    David Harari,
    Yonatan Harpaz,
    Johannes Nicaise,
    René Pannekoek,
    R. Parimala,
    Alena Pirutka,
    Kanetomo Sato,
    Alexander Schmidt,
    Michael Stoll,
    Yuri Tschinkel,
    Olivier Wittenberg,
    Fei Xu,
    Yuri Zarhin


    All the speakers will be accommodated at the Dynasty hotel , 10 min walking distance from the venue of the conference, PDMI.

    A taxi service from the Airport will be organized by the conference: please fill in the online form to provide your flight details.