Control Theory, Integral Geometry, Inverse Problems.

12-18 June 2017

Euler International Mathematical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

The Organizers

  • Saint-Petersburg Department of the Steklov Mathematical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences; Saint-Petersburg State University, St-Petersburg, RF; (M.I.Belishev)
  • Federal Baltic University, Kaliningrad, RF; (L.N.Pestov)
  • Our sponsors:

  • Russian Found of Basic Researches
  • Octopus Ltd.

    Invited speakers and preliminary titles of talks

    (* - invitation accepted)
    1. V.I.Agoshkov. INM RAS
    2. S.A.Avdonin.* Alaska State University; USA. TBA
    3.A.V.Baev.* Moscow State University; Russia. On some generalized differential equations of the inverse scattering problem in a layered medium.
    4. J.Boman.* Stokholm University; Sweden. TBA
    5. J.Cheng. Shang-Huy University; China.
    6. A.Denisjuk.* University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science; Poland. Inversion of incomplete data x-ray transform in Rn.
    8. M.Di Cristo.* Politecnico di Milano; Italy. A stability result for quantitative photoacoustic tomography.
    9. Yu.V.Egorov.* France. On the optimal form of nano-tubes and nano- rods.
    10. M.Eller.* Georgetown Universiy, Washington; USA. TBA
    11. G.Eskin. University of California, Los-Angeles; USA.
    12. A.V.Fursikov.* Moscow State University; Russia. Nonlocal stabilization of equations of Navier-Stokes type by feedback control.
    13. M.Hitrik.* University of California, Los-Angeles; USA. InvariantLagrangian Tori and Spectra for Non-Selfadjoint Operators.
    14. T.Hohage.* University of Goettingen; Germany. TBA
    15. O.Imanuvilov. Colorado State University; USA.
    16. V.Isakov.* Wichita State University; USA. TBA
    17. Yu.Iso.* Kyoto University; Japan. TBA
    18. 19. I.B.Ivanov.* SPb State University; Russia. TBA
    20. A.Jollivet.* France. Steklov zeta-invariants and a compactness theorem for isospectral families of planar domains.
    21. S.I.Kabanikhin.* Sobolev Institute of Mathematics and Novosibirsk State University; Russia. TBA
    22. H.Kang.* Inha University; Korea. Recent advancement in the spectral theory of Neumann-Poincare operator.
    23. V.P.Krishnan.* TIFR Centre for Applicable Mathematics, Bangalore; India. Uniqueness result for a Caldern-type inverse problem.
    24. P.A.Kurasov.* Stockholm Univ., Dept. of Mathematics; Sweden. Inverse problems for graphs.
    25. M.M.Malamud.* Donetsk State University, Ukrain. TBA
    26. G.Nakamura.* Hokkaido University; Japan. Interior transmission problem for parabolic equations.
    27. L.P.Nizhnik.* National Academy of Sciences; Ukraine. Inverse Spectral Problems for Jacobi Matrices and Schroedinger Operators with Non-local Potencials.
    28. R.G.Novikov.* CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique, France; Phaseless in-verse scattering.
    29. E.T.Quinto.* Tufts University Medford; USA. Microlocal analysis in tomography.
    30. Rakesh.* University of Delaware; USA. An inverse problem for a hyperbolic PDE.
    31. 32. V.G.Romanov.* Sobolev Institute of Mathematics and Novosibirsk State University; Russia. TBA
    33. M.Salo.* University of Jyvaskyla, Finland; The attenuated geodesic X-ray transform.
    34. J.Schotland.* University of Michigan; USA. Inverse Problems in Quantum Optics.
    35. A.A.Shananin. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology; Russia.
    36. V.A.Sharafutdinov.* Sobolev Institute of Mathematics and Novosibirsk State University; Russia. The Reshetnyak formula and Natterer stability estimates in tensor tomography.
    37. A.A.Shkalikov.* Moscow State University; Russia.
    38. C.Shonkwiller. Colorado State University; USA.
    39. J.Sylvester. Washington State University, Seattle; USA.
    40. A.Tamasan.* USA. TBA
    41. B.Vainberg.* Department of Mathematics and Statistics UNC at Charlotte, Charlotte; USA. d-bar method for the inverse two-dimensional Schrodinger and Dirac equations.
    42. S.Vessella.* Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica, Universita di Firenze; Italy. Quantitative Estimates of Unique Continuation and Inverse Problems.
    43. J.-N.Wang.* Institute of Applied Mathematical Sciences National Taiwan University; Taiwan. Second order elliptic equations with unbounded convection coefficients: estimates and inverse problem.
    44. M.Yamamoto. Tokyo State University; Japan.