2d Summer School: Various aspects of mathematical physics

July 8-11, 2017

Euler International Mathematical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

The School is organized by the Euler International Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a branch of Steklov Mathematical Institute RAN, Saint Petersburg, Russia and Saint-Petersburg State University, on July 8-11, 2017 and supported by RSF grant No 15-11-30007.

The School will be held at the Euler International Mathematical Institute in Pesochnaya nab, d 10, St. Petersburg.

The instructors of the School include some of the leading international experts who are able to give exciting presentations to young scientists and university students. There is a limited number of grants that would provide financial support for accommodations and travelling expenses.

Foreign participants are recommended to register as soon as possible in order to have enough time for visa processing (see Visa information).
Deadline for registration is April 20, 2017.

Conference board:

1. Chairman
E.Korotyaev, (St. Petersburg),

2. Organizers:
A. Laptev (London),
S. Naboko (St. Petersburg),
A. Tsyganov (St. Petersburg),

Lectures and talks

1) A. Alexandrov, Russia
2) A. Badanin, Russia
3) A. Baranov, Russia
4) M. J. Esteban, France
5) S. Fujiie, Japan
6) F. Hiroshima, Japan
7)A. Kiselev, US
8) E. Korotyaev, Russia
9) S. Kuksin, France
10) A. Laptev, UK
11) J. Moller, Denmark
12) S. Naboko, Russia
13) R. Novikov, France
14) G. Rozenblum, Sweden
15) N. Saburova, Russia
16) A. Sobolev, UK
17) A. Tsyganov, Russia