Geometry, Analysis, Groups

1 - 5 October 2018

Euler International Mathematical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

The conference is organized as a part of Lamé chair project.

Supported by:
Embassy of France in Russia (program "La Chaire Gabriel Lamé" )
Chebyshev Laboratory (SPbSU)


Andrzej ZUK
The Euler Institute
Chebychev Laboratory

Main confirmed speakers:

Arnaud Brothier (Sydney)
Jeremie Brieussel (Montpellier)
Lisa Carbone (Rutgers)
Delaram Kahrobaei (New York)
Tsuyoshi Kato (Kyoto)
Amos Nevo (Technion)
Satoshi Tsujimoto (Kyoto)
Andrzej Zuk (Paris)

Scientific committee:

Tsuyoshi Kato (Kyoto)
Amos Nevo (Technion)
Andrzej Zuk (Paris)