Leonhard Euler

         Leonhard Euler
         (1707 - 1783)

Euler Symposium on Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

July 12-17, 2013          St. Petersburg, Russia

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Dmitri Diakonov


Previous Euler Symposium 2009/ 2011

The Euler International Mathematical Institute:

Pesochnaya nab. 10, St.Petersburg, Russia

Phone: +7-812-234-05-74
+7-960-279-10-37 Nadia Zalesskaya (programme coordinator)
+7-911-965-35-21 Tatiana Vinogradova (visa assistance)

E-mail: admin@euler.pdmi.ras.ru

You can find the EIMI on the map:

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Please pay attention that the closest Metro station "Petrogradskaya" is closed for reconstruction.

You can reach the Euler Institute:

from metro station "Chernaya Rechka" , two stops by tram 40, bus 1 and 46, or trolleybus 34 or by minibuses 46, 76, 98, 127, 252, 298, 346, 690 (you should ask to stop after the Kamennoostrovski most(bridge)) and 321 (you should ask to stop near the Vyazemski garden);
from metro station "Chkalovskaya", by minibus 98, 321 or by bus 1.

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