Leonhard Euler

         Leonhard Euler
         (1707 - 1783)

Euler Symposium on Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

July 12-17, 2013          St. Petersburg, Russia

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Speakers and Presentations

Dmitri Diakonov


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Speakers and Presentations

Alexander Abanov (Stony Brook) "On the e.ective hydrodynamics of Quantum Hall fluids"

Anton Alekseev (Geneva)

Alexander Atland (Cologne) "Signatures of Majorana fermions in disordered quantum wires"

Dmitri Aristov (PNPI) "Chiral Y-junction of Luttinger liquid wires at strong coupling:fermionic representation"

Leon Balents (Santa Barbara) "Entanglement entropy in topological phases and spin liquids"

Niklas Beisert (ETH Zurich) "RTT Realisation of the Yangian"

Igor Burmistrov (Landau) "Multifractality at Anderson transitions with Coulomb interaction"

Claudio Chamon (Boston University) Irrational anyons under an elastic membrane

Paul Fendley (Univ. of Virginia) "Parafermions and topological order"

Matthew Fischer (Santa Barbara) "Symmetry protected 3d Bosonic topological insulators via dyon condensation"

Yan Fyodorov (Queen Mary College) "Fluctuations and Extreme Values in Multifractal Patterns "

Igor Gornyi (Karlsruhe and Ioffe) "Superconductivity and Anderson localization"

Nikolay Gromov (King's College) "Exact results in N=4"

Ilya Gruzberg (Chicago) "Classification and symmetry properties of scaling dimensions at Anderson transitions"

Victor Gurarie (U of Colorado, Boulder) "From the topological invariants to the edge states of topological insulators"

Sean Hartnoll(Stanford) "Holographic entanglements beyond classical gravity"

Dmitry Ivanov (ETH, Zurich)

Vladimir Kazakov (Ecole Normale) "Quantum integrability: from two to four dimensions"

Lev Lipatov (PNPI) "Effective action for the Regge processes and double logarithmic asymptotics in gravity"

Chihiro Matsui (The University of Tokyo) "Superconformal .eld theory and supersymmetric sine-Gordon model with Dirichlet boundary conditions"

Vladimir Matveev (IMB ,Universite' de Bourgogne) "Large parametric asymptotic of the multi-rogue wave solutions of the NLS equation and extreme rogue waves solutions of the KP-I equation"

Alexei Morozov (ITEP)

Alexander Ossipov (University of Nottingham) "Anderson localization on a simplex"

Pavel Ostrovsky (Stuttgart/Landau) "Density of states in a 2D chiral model with sublattice imbalance"

Vasily Pestun (Institute for Advanced Study) "Exact results in supersymmetric theories on curved backgroun"

Viktor Petrov (PNPI) Dmitri Diakonov - life in physics...

Mikhail Polikarpov (ITEP, Moscow) "Graphene as quantum gauge theory on the lattice"

Ivan Protopopov (Karlsruhe / Landau) "Dynamics of waves in 1D electronic systems: from free fermions to hydrodynamics"

Nikolai Reshetikhin (UC Berkeley) "Formal semiclassical field theories"

Zohar Ringel (Weizmann Institute of Science) "Disordered weak topological insulators (and a z 2 chiral-anomaly)"

Valery Rubakov (INR, Moscow) "T owards conformal cosmology"

Shinsei Ryu (U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) "Symmetry protected topological phases and "orbifolds""

Michael Semenov-Tian-Shansky(PDMI St. Petersburg / U de Bourgogne, France) "From quantum current algebras to q-Virasoro and q-string theory"

Vasili Shaginyan (PNPI) "Quantum Spin Liquids"

Piotr Surovka (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) How to build a holographic liquid crystal?

Samson Shatashvili (Triniti, Dublin)

Ady Stern (Weizmann Institute)

Matthias Staudacher (Potsdam) "ASpectralParameterfor N=4 Scattering Amplitudes"

Kirill Shtengel (University of California, Riverside, USA) "Looking beyond Majorana zero modes: Engineering non-Abelian anyons"

Leon Takhtajan(Stony Brook) "Some remarks on Chern-Simons and Bott-Chern forms"

Arkady Tseytlin(Imperial, London) "Correlation functions and Wilson loops in AdS/CFT duality"

Alexei Tsvelik (Brookhaven) "Universal features of excitation spectrum in generalized Gibbs distribution ensemble"

Alexei Vladimirov(Lund University, Sweden) "Spiner gravity on lattice"

Xiao-Gang Wen (MIT) "Highly entangled quantum matter"

Pavel Wiegmann (University of Chicago) "A nomalous hydrodynamics of fqh-s tates"

Konstantin Zarembo (NORDITA) "Large-N limit in supersymmetric field theories from localization"

Martin Zirnbauer(Cologne) "On the symmetry classification of topological insulators and superconductors"

Alexei Yung (PNPI, St. Petersburg)"Duality and ”Instead-of-Confinement” Mechanism in Supersymmetric QCD"