Topology, Geometry, and Dynamics:
Rokhlin 100

August 19 - 23, 2019

The Euler International Mathematical Institute, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Preliminary list of talks

Blank Mikhail /Topological properties of measurable semigroup actions
Burago Dmitri /TBA
Burian Sergey /Dynamics of mechanisms near branch points
Chen Lei /Structure theorems for actions of homeomorphism groups
Chernov Vladimir /Causality and Legendrian linking in higher dimensional and causally simple spacetimes
Dynnikov Ivan /A method to distinguishing Legendrian and transverse knots
Garg Mukta /Stronger Forms of Transitivity in G-spaces
Gekhtman Ilya /Geometric and probabilistic boundaries of random walks, metrics on groups and measures on boundaries in negative curvature
Golubiatnikov Vladimir /Phase portraits of some block-linear dynamical systems
Gordon Evgeny /Hyperfinite approximations of dynamical system
Kachurovskii Alexander /Fejer Sums and the von Neumann Ergodic Theorem
Kaimanovich Vadim /Arboreal structures on groups and the associated boundaries
Kifer Yuri /Geometric distribution for numbers of returns in open dynamics
Kolpakov Aleksandr /A hyperbolic analogue to Rokhlin's cobordism theorem
Kosloff Zemer /Classification of nonsigular Bernoulli shifts
Leiderman Arkady /The Separable Quotient Problem for Topological Groups
Mamayusupov Khudoyor /A parameter plane of cubic Newton maps with a parabolic fixed point at infinity.
Manolescu Ciprian /Homology cobordism and triangulations
Masuda Mikiya /Topology of Hessenberg varieties
Mishchenko Aleksandr /Geometric description of the Hochschild cohomology of Group Algebras
Mukherjee Sabyasachi /Dynamics of Schwarz reflections: mating rational maps with groups
Musin Oleg /TBA
Panov Taras /TBA
Pilyugin Sergei /Approximate and exact dynamics in group actions
Reshetikhin Nicolai /TBA
Shustin Eugenii /Around Rokhlin's question
Skopenkov Arkadiy /Analogue of Whitney trick for eliminating multiple intersections
Soifer Gregory /Discretness of deformations of co compact discrete subgroups
Sridharan Shrihari /Ergodicity of the Sumi-Urbanskii measure
Subbotin Vladimir /Some classes of polyhedra with rhombic vertices
Sullivan Dennis /Opportunities suggested by 3D geometrization
Thouvenot Jean-Paul /TBA
Vershik Anatoly /Rokhlin contribution to ergodic and measure theory today
Zvonilov Viktor /A cell structure of spaces of real trigonal curves