Topology, Geometry, and Dynamics:
Rokhlin ľ 100

August 19 - 23, 2019

The Euler International Mathematical Institute, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Preliminary list of sections

  • - topology of manifolds
  • - knot theory
  • - real algebraic and tropical geometries
  • - toric topology
  • - geometry and combinatorics
  • - ergodic theory
  • - topological and smooth dynamics
  • - algebraic methods in dynamics
  • - miscellanea
  • We plan to hold

  • Openning: A.Vershik."V.A.Rokhlin: Personality and Mathematician"
  • Evening of memories about V.A. Rokhlin
  • Excursions around the city and surrounding area and a boat trip
  • Preliminary list of plenary talks

  • Buchstaber Victor /V.└. Rokhlin and algebraic topology
  • Dynnikov Ivan /A method to distinguishing Legendrian and transverse knots
  • Gabai David /TBA
  • Gayfullin Alexander /Combinatorial computation of Pontryagin classes
  • Kharlamov Viatcheslav /TBA
  • Manolescu Ciprian /Homology cobordism and triangulations
  • Masuda Mikiya /Topology of Hessenberg varieties
  • Mikhalkin Grigory /Tropical aspects of symplectic geometry
  • Panov Taras /A geometric view on SU-bordism
  • Ray Nigel /Cohomology rings of compactifications
  • Sullivan Dennis /Opportunities suggested by 3D geometrization
  • Vassiliev Victor /TBA
  • Weiss Benjamin /Recent results on the Rokhlin Lemma
  • Preliminary list of talks

    Abramyan Semen /Whitehead products in moment-angle complexes and substitution of simplicial complexes
    Alpeev Andrei /Decay of mutual information for unique Gibbs measures on trees
    Ayzenberg Anton /Topology of torus actions of complexity one
    Bakuradze Malkhaz /All extensions of $C_2$ by $C_{2^n}\times C_{2^n}$ are good for the Morava $K$-theory
    Bhupal Mohan Lal /Open books decompositions of links of minimally elliptic singularities
    Bibikov Pavel /Differential invariants and their applications in real algebraic geometry
    Blank Mikhail /Topological properties of measurable semigroup actions
    Brooks Simon Avraham /Quantum Chaos and Rotations of the Sphere
    Burago Dmitri /TBA
    Chernov Vladimir /Causality and Legendrian linking in higher dimensional and causally simple spacetimes
    Chtioui Hichem /Prescribing the scalar curvature problem on Riemannian Manifolds
    Damian Florin /On involutions without fixed points on the hyperbolic manifold
    Degtyarev Alexander /Slopes of Colored Links
    Erokhovets Nikolai /Combinatorics and hyperbolic geometry of families of 3-dimensional polytopes: fullerenes and Pogorelov polytopes
    Finashin Sergey /Chirality of real cubic fourfolds
    Gekhtman Ilya /Geometric and probabilistic boundaries of random walks, metrics on groups and measures on boundaries in negative curvature
    Golubyatnikov Vladimir /Non-uniqueness of periodic trajectories in some piece-wise linear dynamical systems
    Gordon Evgeny /Hyperfinite approximations of dynamical system
    Gugnin Dmitry /Branched coverings of manifolds and n-valued Lie groups
    Gurevich Boris /On asymptotic behavior of equilibrium measures associated with finite sub-matrices of an infinite nonnegative matrix: new examples
    Horiguchi Tatsuya /A basis of the cohomology ring of a regular nilpotent Hessenberg variety
    Itenberg Ilia /Finite real algebraic curves
    Kachurovskii Alexander /Fejer Sums and the von Neumann Ergodic Theorem
    Kaimanovich Vadim /Arboreal structures on groups and the associated boundaries
    Kasuya Naohiko /Non-Kahler complex structures on R^4
    Kifer Yuri /Limit theorems for nonconventional polynomial arrays
    Kolpakov Aleksandr /A hyperbolic analogue to Rokhlin's cobordism theorem
    Komech Sergey /Random Averaging in Ergodic Theorem and Boundary Deformation Rate in Symbolic Dynamics
    Koo Namjip /Various shadowing properties for induced maps on hyperspaces
    Kourliouros Konstantinos /Local Classification of Symplectic Structures with Respect to a Lagrangian Variety
    Kozlovskaya Tatyana /Cyclically presented Sieradski groups and 3-manifolds
    Krutovskiy Roman /Basic cohomology of moment-angle manifolds
    Kryzhevich Sergey /Invariant measures of interval translation maps
    Kuroki Shintaro /Flag Bott manifolds of general Lie type and their equivariant cohomology rings
    Lebedev Vladimir /Tame semicascades and cascades generated by affine self-mappings of the d-torus
    Lee Keonhee /Spectral Decomposition and $\Omega$-stability of Flows with Expanding Measures
    Leiderman Arkady /The Separable Quotient Problem for Topological Groups
    Leksin Vladimir /Serre duality of homotopy and homology properties of CW-complexes
    Limonchenko Ivan /On families of polytopes and Massey products in toric topology
    Manturov Vassily /Groups $G_n^k$, $\Gamma_n^k$, braids on manifolds and invariants of higher dimensional manifolds
    Martin Peinador Elena /Locally quasi-convex groups and the Mackey-Arens Theorem
    Megrelishvili Michael /Group actions on treelike compact spaces
    Melikhov Sergey /Brunnian link maps in the 4-sphere
    Millionshchikov Dmitry /Massey products and representation theory
    Mishchenko Aleksandr /Geometric description of the Hochschild cohomology of Group Algebras
    Mnev Nikolai /On the boundary value periodic problem for a semilinear differential inclusion of fractional order with delay
    Morozov Egor /Surfaces containing two parabolas through each point
    Mulazzani Michele /The complexity of orientable graph manifolds
    Musin Oleg /TBA
    Nevo Amos /The Shannon-McMillan-Breiman for Rokhlin entropy in actions of general groups
    Nezhinskii Vladimir /Rational graphs
    Oseledets Valery /Remarks on Garsia-Erdos measures
    Ozawa Makoto /Multibranched surfaces in 3-manifolds
    Ozbagci Burak /Genus one Lefschetz fibrations on disk cotangent bundles of surfaces
    Park Seonjeong /Torus orbit closures in Richardson varieties
    Pilyugin Sergei /Approximate and exact dynamics in group actions
    Polotovskiy Grigory /V.A. Rokhlin and D.A. Gudkov against the background of the 16th ═ilbert problem (on the Rokhlin-Gudkov's correspondence in 1971-1982)
    Popelensky Theodore /TBA
    Reshetikhin Nicolai /TBA
    Rudenko Daniil /Non-Euclidean Tetrahedra and Rational Elliptic Surfaces
    Ryzhikov Valery /Weakly homoclinic groups of ergodic dynamical systems
    Sato Takashi /GKM-theoretical description of the double coinvariant rings of pseudo-reflection groups
    Shchepin Evgeny /Leibniz differential and Non-standard Calculus
    Shustin Eugenii /Around Rokhlin's question
    Skopenkov Arkadiy /Analogue of Whitney trick for eliminating multiple intersections
    Skopenkov Mikhail /Surfaces containing two circles through each point
    Soifer Gregory /Discreteness of deformations of cocompact discrete subgroups
    Szucs Andras /Geometry versus algebra in homology theory and cobordism theory
    Teymuri Garakani Mahdi /On amenable real analytic circle diffeomorphism groups
    Thouvenot Jean-Paul /TBA
    Tikhonov Sergey /Rokhlin's problems in ergodic theory
    Trnkova Maria /Spun triangulations of closed hyperbolic 3-manifolds
    Verevkin Iakov /Polyhedral products and commutator subgroups of right-angled Artin and Coxeter groups
    Vershinin Vladimir /Surfaces, braids, homotopy groups of spheres and Lie algebras
    Weiss Barak /Horocycle flow on the moduli space of translation surfaces
    Yurttas Oyku /Geometric intersection of curves on non-orientable surfaces
    Zuddas Daniele /Branched coverings of CP^2 and other basic manifolds
    Zvonilov Victor /Maximally inflected real trigonal curves

    List of possible talks and posters

    Anikushin Mikhail /Convergence and strange nonchaotic attractors in almost periodic systems
    Burian Sergey /Dynamics of mechanisms near branch points
    Chemlal Rezki /Measurable factors of one dimensional cellular automata
    Garg Mukta /Stronger forms of transitivity in G-spaces
    Gusev Nikolay /On the extremal points of the unit ball in BV(R^n)
    Khoule Cheikh /Convergence of contact structures into integrable hyperplanes fields
    Krym Victor /The Schouten curvature tensor for a nonholonomic distribution in sub-Riemannian geometry can be identical with the Riemannian curvature on a principal bundle
    Kumar Rakesh /Exponential stability of inertial BAM neural network with time-varying impulses and mixed time-varying delays
    Mamayusupov Khudoyor /A parameter plane of cubic Newton maps with a parabolic fixed point at infinity
    Mikhovich Andrey /On p-adic variation of Segal theorem
    Munteanu Cristian Mihai /The topology of spaces of symplectic embeddings
    Narmanov Abdigappar /TBA
    Nikolayev Dmitry /Tropical skewfields: their topology and applications
    Ovchinnikov Mikhail /On classification of nonorientable 3-manifolds of small complexity
    Scott Sabine /Non-Compact Manifolds and the Spin Hall Effect
    Sharipov Khurshid /TBA
    Solomadin Grigory /Invariant subgraphs and monodromy in the weight graph of a nonsingular projective variety with effective torus action of complexity >0 with isolated fixed points
    Sridharan Shrihari /Ergodicity of the Sumi-Urbanskii measure
    Subbotin Vladimir /Some classes of polyhedra with rhombic vertices
    Sunkula Mahesh /Geometric quantization of integrable systems with focus-focus singularity
    Tangue Ndawa Bertuel /Dynamics System: Circle maps with a flat piece, irrational rotation number

    There is a preliminary agreement on the publication of the Conference materials within the AMS series "Contemporary Mathematics".