The Euler International
Mathematical Institute

3. Visa support for your accompanying person

To issue and provide you with a visa support for your accompanying person, the PDMI/EIMI staff needs an Accompanying person registration Form. The terms of processing are the same as for participants.

If your accompanying person is a member of your family (wife, husband, son, daughter, brother, sister, mother, father) the PDMI/EIMI staff can provide him/her with the LOI (the same as for you). In this case the Russian Consulate may request a proof of your relationship (marriage certificate, birth certificate etc.) to issue such type of visa.

Please note that any accompanying person can be provided by the PDMI/EIMI staff with a tourist voucher, so that she/he could obtain a tourist visa and visit Russia with you.

A sample of a tourist voucher can be found here

If your family member is a citizen of one of the countries listed here , to make the LOI for the "ordinary humanitarian" visas for him/her the PDMI/EIMI staff needs to have

- registration form of your family member
- scan copy of his/her passport
- a copy (apostil) of a proof of your relationship (marriage certificate, birth certificate etc.)

The last document must be in Russian and certified by a representative of the Russian Consulate in your country of residence, and have the stamp of the Consulate. You can obtain this copy (apostil) only at the Russian Consulate and then send it to our postal address:

Title of the Conference, PDMI RAS, 27, Fontanka, St. Petersburg 191023, Russia.

Only after receiving all these documents we can apply to the Migration Service for the LOIs for you and your family members.