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4. Other important information

1. If a participant of a conference/scientific program has not enough time to obtain a humanitarian visa, he/she can obtain a Russian tourist visa via a reliable travel agency in your country of residence by himself, without help of the PDMI/EIMI staff. But you should keep in mind that it would be a violation of the visa regime in accordance with the Russian legislation and in this case the responsibility will be laid on you.

2. Visa registration: Russian law requires visitors to register their Russian visas within SEVEN working days after arrival. Registration may be carried out by the hotel or hostel where you are staying and costs about 1000 RUB.

3. Migration card: On arrival in Russia, you will be given a migration card that should be filled in carefully. The passport control officer will stamp it to indicate the date and place of your arrival. Keep your migration card safe, as it has to be handed back at the passport control on departure.

4. Medical insurance: travelers to Russia should have a medical insurance. Please find out at the local Russian consulate before your trip whether your current medical insurance is sufficient for your trip or you should obtain another one.