Arnold's Seminar: Schedule for Autumn 2001

September 4.
A.G.Khovanskii. Toric Geometry and Parshin's Symbols.

September 11.
E.A.Kudryavtseva. Periodic solutions of the N-body problem and applications to the planet system with satellites.
Short abstract.
Long abstraxt.

September 18.
Martijn van Manen (Utrecht). Some properties of conflict sets in R^n.
Petr Akhmetiev. Higher analog of linking coefficient for a pair of divergence free vector fields.

September 25.
V.I.Arnold. Problems.
Two out of five problems, typeset by S.Duzhin, are available as TeX file and gzipped PostScript.

October 2.
P.Akhmetiev. Higher analog of linking coefficient for a pair of divergence free vector fields.

October 9.
S.M.Gusein-Zade. Indices of 1-forms on an isolated complete intersection singularity.

October 16.
Adriana Ortiz-Rodriguez (Paris 7). On the special parabolic points and the topology of the parabolic curve of certain smooth surfaces in $R^3$.

October 23.
M.Mishustin. Materialization of resonances.
Abstract in Russian.

October 30.
V.I.Arnold. Hesse equation and hyperbolic homogeneous polynomials.

November 6.
No seminar.

November 13.
S.Shadrin. Euler characteristic of some spaces of real meromorphic functions.

November 20.
V.I.Arnold. Phase transitions in controlled dynamical systems.

November 27.
A.M.Leontovich. Random partitions of space.

December 4.
A.B.Sossinsky. Multiplicative polynomial invariants of plane curves (after F.Aicardi).
S.K.Lando. Homology of Khovanov's complex.

December 11.
No seminar.

December 18.
V.Sedykh. Resolution of corank 1 stable singularities of a generic front.
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