Arnold's Seminar: Schedule for Autumn 2002

September 10.
V.I.Arnold. Problems.

September 17.
P.Pushkar'. Two theorems:
1. Functions on manifolds having all critical points inside a ball.
2. On the minimal number of critical points of functions on h-cobordism. (joint with Yu. Rudyak).

Summary (transliterated Russian).

September 24.
S.Gusein-Zade. Computing Poincare series of multiindex filtrations using integration with respect to Euler characteristic.

October 1.
V.I.Arnold. On the classes (N+) and (M-). Part 1.

October 8.
V.I.Arnold. On the classes (N+) and (M-). Part 2.

October 15.
O.Karpenkov. Higher dimensional continued fractions. Summary (transliterated Russian).

October 22.
S.K.Lando. Classification of rational functions and representations of the Lie algebra $sl(2)$" (after A.Varchenko and I.Scherbak).

October 29.
Francesca Aicardi. Invariants of apparent contours.
Abstract. Draft version of the paper (joint with T.Ohmoto) is also available.

November 5.
V.I.Arnold. On the classes (N+) and (M-). Part 3.

November 12.
V.I.Arnold. On the classes (N+) and (M-). Part 4.

November 19.
A.G.Khovanskii. On Sturm-type theorems about the number of zeroes of real polynomials.

November 26.
V.I.Arnold. On the multiplicative groups of invertible integer residues.

December 3.
S.K.Lando. Towards a complexification of Vassiliev invariants.

December 10.
S.Gusein-Zade. Exponential functions of algebraic varieties.
Abstract: in Russian Cyrillic, Transliteration.

December 17.
No seminar. See you next year!

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