International conference
"The Algebra and Geometry around Knots and Braids"

St.Petersburg, Euler Institute, September 10--14, 2007.

Organized by: Poncelet Laboratory (Moscow), PDMI (St.-Petersburg), LPTMS (Orsay).

Sponsored by: Grant ACI "Noeuds et Tresses" (leaders S.Nechaev, A.Sossinsky), RFBF French-Russian grant (leaders: A.Sossinsky, P.Dehornoy).

Program committee: P.Dehornoy, S.Lando, J.Mairesse, S.Matveev, A.Skopenkov, A.Vershik.

Organizing committee: A.Sossinsky, S.Duzhin, E.Novikova.

List of participants

  1. Petr Akhmetiev (IZMIRAN, Russia)
  2. Lev Birbrair (UFC, Brazil)
  3. Xavier Bressaud (Luminy, France)
  4. Vladimir Chernov (Dartmouth, US)
  5. Sergei Chmutov (Ohio State, US)
  6. Diarmuid Crowley (Uni-Bonn, Germany)
  7. Patrick Dehornoy (Caen, France)
  8. Sergei Duzhin (PDMI, Russia)
  9. Ivan Dynnikov (Moscow Univ, Russia)
  10. Vladimir Fock (ITEP, Russia)
  11. Alexander Gaifullin (Moscow Univ, Russia)
  12. Elena Glushak (SPb, Russia)
  13. Nikita Kalinin (SPbSU)
  14. Maxim Karev (PDMI, Russia)
  15. Oleg Karpenkov (MCCME, Russia)
  16. Gleb Koshevoy (CEMI, Russia)
  17. Vladimir Kotov (SPbSU)
  18. Sergei Lando (MCCME, Russia)
  19. Jean Mairesse (Paris-7, France)
  20. Andrei Malyutin (PDMI, Russia)
  21. Sergei Matveev (Chelyabinsk Univ, Russia)
  22. Vadim Meshkov (SPbSPU, Russia)
  23. Jacob Mostovoy (UNAM, Mexico)
  24. Alexander Omelchenko (SPbSPU, Russia)
  25. Leonid Plakhta (Lviv, Ukraine -- Gdansk, Poland)
  26. Arkadi Skopenkov (Moscow Univ, Russia)
  27. Mikhail Skopenkov (Moscow Univ, Russia)
  28. Alexei Sossinsky (MCCME, Russia)
  29. Anatoly Vershik (PDMI, Russia)
  30. Vladimir Vershinin (Novosibirsk--Montpelier)
  31. Pasquale Anthony Zito (?--Poncelet Lab)

September 10,11,13,14: working days.
September 10: welcome party.
September 12: excursions; banquet.

Preliminary Schedule

September 10

September 11

September 12

No talks.

September 13

September 14

Transportation and topography:
From Pulkovo airport minibus no. 3 will take you to metro station "Moskovskaya" in about 15 minutes for 15 rubles. Do not use taxies that are waiting at the taxi stand: they ask triple price. Call 058 or 068 instead: these are honest companies, they will take you, say, to Anichkov bridge for about 500 rubles. Foreign participants will be met at the airport. Here are addresses and maps: Euler institute, Hotels.

During the 4 working days, lunch will be organized in a restaurant near the Euler institute. It will be free for all registered participants (i.e. those who are in the above list).