Prof. Dr. Sergey I. Repin


Office: V.A. Steklov Institute of Mathematics at St. Petersburg,
191011, Fontanka 27, St.Petersburg, Russia
FAX +7(812) 310-53-77
Home: Butlerova 22/2, ap. 89, St.Petersburg, 195220, Russia
Phone: +7(812 )535-34-47

Scientific directions

  1. A posteriori error estimation and computable error bounds for approximate solutions of boundary value problems. A priori and a posteriori error estimates for finite element approximations.
  2. Calculus of variations and duality theory. Existence, regularity and approximation of solutions to variational problems and variational inequalities.
  3. Mathematical and numerical analysis of problems in plasticity and nonlinear elasticity.
  4. Variational problems with nondifferentiable functionals. Numerical and analytical methods based on minimax formulations and on the duality theory. Shape optimization problems.

Functional a posteriori estimates for PDE's

Curriculum Vitae

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