Leonhard Euler


16th Summer St. Petersburg Meeting in Mathematical Analysis
June25-30, 2007          Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Satellite Meeting for
Festival dedicated to 300th birthday of Leonhard EULER

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MONDAY, June 25

9:30--10:30 REGISTRATION
10:50--11:40 J.Brennan. The structure of certain spaces of analytic functions
12:05--12:50 A.Volberg. Analytic and combinatorial properties of $4^n$ Cantor squares
15:00--15:20 E.Abakumov. Cyclicity of operators and completeness of translates
15:25--15:45 H.Hedenmalm. Grunsky inequalities and beyond
15:50--16:10 M.Skopina. Multivariate wavelet frames
16:40--17:00 V.Eiderman. Hausdorff content of sets with large values of vector Riesz potentials
17:05--17:25 A.Solynin. The analytic fixed point function
17:30--17:50 M.Nudelman. On a matrix factorization connected with the Dirac systems

TUESDAY, June 26

10:00--10:45 S.Smirnov. Conformal invariance in $2D$ lattice models
11:05--11:50 S.Treil. Bellman function, Carleson measures and annoying $3/2$ in the problem of ideals in $H^\infty$
11:55--12:40 K.Fedorovskiy. Nevanlinna domains and univalent functions in invariant subspaces
15:00--15:20 A.Il'in. Asymptotic behavior of the solution to a differential equation with a small parameter when the stability lines of the limit solution intersect
15:25--15:45 S.Avdonin. Boundary control approach to sampling and interpolation problems
15:50--16:10 M.Roginskaya. Flowability of fixed point free homeomorphisms
16:40--17:00 D.Mushtari. Quantum logics of projections or idempotents in $C^*$-algebras
17:05--17:25 A.Il'inskii. Gaussian divisors of convex linear combinations of characteristic functions
17:30--17:50 M.Tikhomirov. On complete nonselfadjointness of the Boltzmann operator


10:00--10:45 B.Paneah. On the uncertainty principle in several variables
11:05--11:50 A.Aleman. Volterra invariant subspaces of $H^p$
11:55--12:40 B.Pavlov. Kirchhoff constants for Helmholtz resonator
15:00--15:20 K.Seip. The perfect lens on a finite bandwidth
15:25--15:45 Yu.Belov. Moduli of functions in model subspaces
15:50--16:10 Yu.Farforovskaya. Modulus of continuity of an operator function
16:40--17:00 G.Gubreev. De Branges spaces in the nonselfadjoint operator theory
17:05--17:25 V.Troitsky. Products of strictly singular operators
17:30--17:50 F.Shamoyan. On the Fourier transform of functions with bounded type in the half-plane



FRIDAY, June 29

10:00--10:45 A.Poltoratski. Beurling--Malliavin theory for Toeplitz kernels
11:05--11:50 A.Kheifets. Direct and inverse lifting problem
11:55--12:40 S.Favorov. The mean motion and Levin's secular constant theorem
15:00--15:20 L.Slavin. The $s$-function and the exponential integral
15:25--15:45 B.-W.Schulze. Toeplitz operators, and ellipticity with global projection conditions
15:50--16:10 A.Tikhonov. Conservative curved systems and free functional model (inverse problem)

O.Avsyankin. On pseudospectra of multidimensional integral operators with homogeneous kernels
A.Bikchentaev. Local convergence in measure on semifinite von Neumann algebras
A.Corbo Esposito. Homogenization of integral functionals with non-pointwise disperse gradient constraints
P.Fedotova. The Fourier--Laplace transform of functionals with unbounded supports
A.Gasparyan. Multidimensional matrices and mathematical analysis
E.Kalita. Subweak solutions for nonlinear elliptic systems
R.Larionchikov. Euler polynomials in the filtering theory
N.Maksyuta. A variable-order integrodifferentiation
O.Reinov. On intrinsic structure of frames
A.Uglanov. On Hilbertian supports of measures in locally convex spaces
V.Vasilyev. Almost trigonometric series
K.Verbinina. Formal power series, quasinilpotent operators and the Riesz--Danford functional calculus
V.Vlasov. Hyperbolic heat equation and related spectral problems
D.Yakubovich. Pole placement in infinite dimensions and the Sz.-Nagy--Foias type functional models of linear operators
V.Zharnitsky. Nearly linear evolution in nonlinear Schroedinger equation with periodic boundary conditions



10:00--10:45 O.Dragicevic. Riesz transforms for the Hermite operator
11:05--11:50 K.Dyakonov. Kolmogorov averages and approximate identities
11:55--12:40 N.Nikolski. Condition numbers and the corona theorem in quotient $H^\infty$ algebras