Leonhard Euler


Third Russian-German Geometry Meeting
dedicated to 95th birthday of A.D.Alexandrov
June 18-23, 2007 (White Nights)          Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Satellite Meeting for
Festival dedicated to 300th birthday of Leonhard EULER


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Second Announcement

Dear Colleague,

The meeting will be held at the Euler International Mathematical Institute and the Steklov Institute, June 18-23, 2007.

You may find the scope of the conference, the First Announcement, and the preliminary list of some participants at the conference page http://www.pdmi.ras.ru/EIMI/2007/geo3/

Registration and Deadline

If you intend to participate, we ask you to fill in the registration form as soon as possible.

Those who have already registered do not need to repeat the procedure.


There are two reasons for this deadline.

  1. Visa. Non-Russian participants need a RUSSIAN VISA. The Institute will provide you with an invitation which will be authorized by a governmental department and will imply obtaining a visa nearly automatically. However, the procedure of the invitation issue could takes more than a month.

    The registration form will give us all necessary information for the arrangement of your visit. Please fill in ALL items, especially the PASSPORT DATA, if you do need a Russian visa.

    If you come with an accompanying person and she/he also need a visa (is not a Russian citizen), we ask you to fill in the registration form for every accompanying person.

    If, besides the invitation described above, you need also one for the administration of your institution, please, contact the Euler Institute Programme Coordinator Mrs. Elena Novikova novikova@pdmi.ras.ru. Such an invitation may be sent in few days.

    When ready, the invitations will be sent to participants by fax and, if necessary, by mail.

    Remark. There are two kinds of visas: business and tourist ones. An invitation for a tourist visa can be obtained faster (in a week) and in some countries you can obtain such a visa even without our invitation. However not all institutions and grant foundations approve the trip with tourist visa.

  2. Accommodation

    Accommodation will be arranged at nearby hotels (we shall do our best to arrange it at reasonably low price). A very cheap accommodation in a student hostel may also be possible.

    June is a peak time of tourist season. To arrange your accommodation as good as possible we will book the hotel rooms beforehand, this is the second reason why we need your registration form before April 1, the earlier the better.

    If you have some special requests (say, you prefer a downtown hotel, you come with an accompanying person, etc), please indicate it in the registration form. Most of the hotel prices for foreign participants are in the range 80-120 EURO per night. Please let us know (in the registration form) what price you can afford.


If you intend to give a talk, please send the abstract to geometry@imi.ras.ru .

We expect to receive camera-ready abstracts limited, if possible, by one A4 page of 10pt font size. TeX documents are accepted. The Booklet of abstracts will be available at the Conference.

Deadline for abstract submission is May 1.

Transport information will be given in the Final Announcement. We expect to meet the participants at the Pulkovo airport and the railway stations. Please, inform Mrs. Novikova about the mean of transportation and your arrival time as soon as this is available.

We are looking forward to see you in St.Petersburg.

The organizers