Leonhard Euler


Third Russian-German Geometry Meeting
dedicated to 95th birthday of A.D.Alexandrov
June 18-23, 2007 (White Nights)          Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Satellite Meeting for
Festival dedicated to 300th birthday of Leonhard EULER


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Final Announcement

The conference will start at the St.Petersburg Department of V.A.Steklov Mathematical Institute (usually abbreviated as Steklov Institute, PDMI, or POMI), the address is Fontanka 27. The Institute is located near the Anichkov bridge (intersection of Nevskiy prospect and Fontanka river), the second building from a corner. Walking distance (along the Nevskiy prospect) from the metro station "Gostinnyi dvor" is less than 500 m, the same distance from metro station "Mayakovskaya", and the distance from the metro station "Ploschad vosstaniya" is about 1 km.

Starting from Wednesday, the conference will continue at the Euler Institute (EIMI), which is a part of the St.Petersburg Department of V.A.Steklov Mathematical Institute.

The EIMI address: Pesochnaya naberezhnaja, 10, ("naberezhnaja" means "embankment").

A picture of the Euler Institute is available at http://www.pdmi.ras.ru/EIMI/imiaddr.html

The Euler Institute on the bank of Malaya Nevka river, at equal distances (15-20 min. walk) from the metro stations "Petrogradskaya" and "Chernaya Rechka".

To reach EIMI from the metro station "Petrogradskaya" you can either walk or take bus No. 1 or No. 46, trolley-bus No. 34 (two stops), or minibus No. 46, 76, 136, 252, 298 (you should ask the driver to stop before Kamennoostrovskii bridge).

You can find the mark "X" on the map at



Registration desk will be open at the Steklov Institute on June 17 from 16:00 till 18:00 and on June 18 at 9:00. The registration fee is 120 EURO. Accompanying persons pay one quarter of the fee. The participants should pay the fee at the registration desk in cash. The euros or rubles equivalent may be paid also. If you arrive June 15-17, we kindly ask you to register on Sunday, because it can be a long line for registration on Monday morning. Those of you who arrive later can register during breaks.

The conference will start at 9:50.


There are a lot of places for eating near the Steklov Institute. However there is a lack of eating places near the Euler Institute. For everybody who wishes, we are planning to order lunches in a suitable place. If you would like to adjoin, please pay for lunches during the registration. An approximate cost of a lunch is 5-7 EURO.

By the way, eating places in Russia are usually called cafes $K A \Phi E$. So, a "cafe" is a small-size restaurant or a diner, not a coffee-house. The word "restaurant" usually implies that this is a luxury or expensive eating place, so no wonder that many diners try to avoid calling themselves restaurants. There are very good cafes and not-so-good cafes, the same applies to restaurants.


If you need some equipment for your talk (a projector, a notebook, etc), please let us know beforehand. This is especially important for talks on Monday and Tuesday, because two conferences will work simultaneously, at Steklov and Euler institutes that day.



We shall meet you at the airport. Please look for a person having a piece of paper with your name or a poster saying "Euler Institute".

Please send as soon as it is possible your arrival/departure data (date, time, flight number) if you did not send it yet.

Just in case, here is the algorithm which takes you to the Steklov/Euler Institutes from the airport. Take bus no. 13 or 31 or a minibus at Pulkovo International terminal (Pulkovo II) or bus no. 39 at Pulkovo Domestic terminal (Pulkovo I). It will bring you to the metro station "Moskovskaya". Then it takes about 25 minutes to reach the stations "Nevskiy prospect" (for the Steklov Institute) or about 30 minutes to reach the station "Petrogradskaya" (for the Euler Institute), you don't have to change metro lines. The suitable exit from metro station "Nevskiy prospect" is through the metro station "Gostinnyi dvor".
To reach Euler Institute from the latter metro station "Petrogradskaya" , you can either walk or take bus no. 1 or 46 or trolley-bus no.34 that goes to Pesochnaya Naberezhnaya and to the hotel Nord (two stops), or minibuses no.46, 76, 127, 136, 252, 298 (in a mini-bus you should ask to stop before the Kamennoostrovskii bridge).


Those who come by train can easily use metro since every railway station has a nearby metro station. We shall meet the participants on personal agreement.


The conference timetable is available at the webpage of the conference.


There are several computers in the Euler Institute, you can check your email account from there and surf the Internet. WiFi is also available.

There are many internet cafes in the city centre.


Euros and US dollars are exchanged in all exchange places. Other currencies may cause difficulties (bad rate or no bank to deal with your exotic currency). At the moment, the average rate is 34.85 RBL for 1 euro and 25.85 RBL for 1 USD. Keep in mind that some banks and exchange places use the following cheating trick: outside the exchange office they advertise a "good" exchange rate but "term and conditions apply": usually you have to exchange more than 499 dollars (euros) to have this good exchange rate.

Be careful and do not exchange the currency NEAR the exchange offices when the private persons offer it.

Personal and Traveler's checks, as well as credit cards, are usually accepted at all major banks in the city. VISA and MASTER cards are accepted in some shops and restaurants.


In order to use the metro you must buy tokens. One token costs 14 rubles. In buses, trams and trolley-buses you must pay to a ticket-collector. One ticket costs 14 rubles.

There are also commercial buses (marked by letters T or K) There, you also pay to a ticket-collector. In commercial minibuses you pay to the driver. The price is usually indicated on the front window and at the entrance (about 15-17 rubles).

Please be very careful with your luggage, bags, purses, credit cards, etc., especially on the transport and in shops!


There are public phones in the city. Some accept coins, some accept phone cards (it depends on the phone). You can buy phone cards at metro stations.


The weather is variable. The average June temperature is 15C. So, usually it is about 20C during the day. It may rain.


Like many other tourist centers in the world, there are pickpockets and thieves who target foreign tourists. Don't carry large sums of money with you. Always have the phone number of your bank to be able to quickly block your credit card transactions in case they are stolen.

Looking forward to meet you in St. Petersburg,
with best regards,
The Organizing Committee

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