Leonhard Euler


Third Russian-German Geometry Meeting
dedicated to 95th birthday of A.D.Alexandrov
June 18-23, 2007 (White Nights)          Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Satellite Meeting for
Festival dedicated to 300th birthday of Leonhard EULER


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1. U. Abresch, On holomorphic quadratic differentials
2. P. Andreev, Tits relations on the boundaries of Busemann space
3. Ya. Bazaykin, On some examples of complete noncompact Riemannian Spin(7)-holonomy metrics
4. D. Berdinskiy, Surfaces of revolition in Heisenberg group and the generalization of the Willmore functional
5. R. Bishop, (with S. Alexander), Pursuit and Evasion in General Geometries: CAT(0) Domains, Unions of Convex Euclidean Domains
6. A. Bobenko, Construction of polytops and convex bodies with a given metric on the boundary
7. O. Borysenko, Comparision volume theorem in Finsler space
8. D. Burago, (with S. Ivanov and L. Polterovich), On conjugation-invariant norms on groups of geometric origin
9. A. Di Scala, The symplectic duality of an Hermitian Symmetric Space
10. V. Diskant, Estimates for Diameter and Width for the Isoperimetrix in the Minkowski Geometry
11. V. Dolnikov, Some generalizations of a diameter of sets
12. J. Dorfmeister, Construction of Surfaces, Pluriharmonic Maps, and Loop Groups
13. M. Dyachkova, The bundle of semiquaternion algebra hemisphere by complex numbers subalgebra
14. V. Dzhepko, New invariant Einstein metrics on some homogeneous spaces
15. A. Egorov, Properties of solutions to relations constructed by quasiconvex functions and null Lagrangians
16. T. Foertsch (with V. Schreoder & A. Lytchak), Boundaries of CAT(-1)-spaces and the Ptolemy inequality
17. D. Gayet, Symplectic real hypersurfaces
18. O. Goertsches, On the Geometry of the Orbits of Hermann Actions
19. O. Gladunova (with E. Rodionov and V. Slavsky), On harmonic tensors on three dimensional Lie groups with left-invariant Riemannian metrics
20. A. Greshnov, tba
21. O. Guersoy, Gloval Invariants of line surfaces
22. G. Guzhvina, The Action of the Ricci Flow on Almost Flat Manifolds
23. A. Gurin, On the history of investigation of convex polyhedra with regular faces
24. U. Hamenstaedt, Groups of isometries of Gromov-hyperbolic spaces
25. P. Ivanshin, Properties of two selections in metric spaces of Busemann nonpositive curvature
26. R. Karasev, Colored versions of KKM and Sperner theorems
27. M. Knyazeva, New example of hyperbolic virtual polytope
28. Yu. Kordyukov, Transverse Dirac operators on Riemannian foliations
29. V. Kulikov, The fundamental groups of the complements of pseudoholomorphic curves in $\mathbb C\mathbb P^2$
30. A. Kushner, Contact Geometry of Monge-Ampere Equations
31. S. Kutateladze, Interaction of Order and Convexity
32. A. Petrunin (with N. Lebedeva) Scalar curvature of Alexandrov space
33. O. Leybina, About Complex Submanifolds with the minimal holomorphic curvature of the Grassmann image
34. J. Lohkamp, Coarse regularization theory in scalar curvature geometry
35. A. Mironov, Hamiltonian-minimal Lagrangian submanifolds in C^n and CP^n
36. R. Miyaoka, The Gauss map of pseudo-algebraic minimal surfaces
37. O. Mokhov, Submanifolds in pseudo-Euclidean spaces, associativity equations in 2D topological quantum field theories and Frobenius manifolds
38. K. Nagano, Topological regularity of Alexandrov spaces with an upper curvature bound
39. Yu. Nikonorov, Yuriy, V. Berestovskiy, On $\delta$-homogeneous Riemannian manifolds
40. Yu. Nikonorova, Yu. Nikonorov, On the intrinsic diameter of the surface of a parallelepiped
41. S. Ohta, Shinichi, Gradient flows on Wasserstein spaces over compact Alexandrov spaces
42. E. Olin (with O. Borisenko), Asymptotic properties of spheres and balls in Finsler and Hilbert geometries
43. E. Petrov, Submanifolds with the harmonic Gauss map in Lie groups
44. F. Reidegeld, Spin(7)-structures of cohomogeneity one
45. E. Rodionov (with V. Balashchenko Vitaly & V. Slavskii), Invariant tensor fields on homogeneous spaces
46. X. Rong Collapsing construction with nilpotent structures
47. A. Sambusetti, (with F. Dal'Bo, M. Peign\'e and J.C. Picaud), Growth of lattices in negatively curved manifolds
48. V. Sharafutdinov, Conformal Killing symmetric tensor fields on Riemannian manifolds
49. V. Schroeder, tba
50. D. Schueth, One cannot hear integrability of geodesic flows
51. L. Schwachhoefer, Lower curvature bounds and low cohomogeneity
52. A. Sidorov, (with E. Rodionov), Harmonic Weil tensor on generelized Wallach spaces
53. J. Sullivan, Two connections between combinatorial and differential geometry
54. N. Sultana, Instability of constant mean curvature surfaces of revolution in spherically symmetric spaces
55. A. Szczepanski, Hantzsche-Wendt flat manifolds
56. S. Tebege, Polar actions on Kaehler manifolds
57. K. Tenenblat, On solutions of the Ricci Tensor equation and of the Einstein equation
58. M. Troyanov, A classification of Alexandrov Surfaces with Bounded Integral Curvature
59. W. Tuschmann, tba
60. S. Uysal, Curvature Collination in Recurrent-Riemannian Spaces
61. A. Yakovlev, Adiabatic limits on some Riemannian foliated manifolds
62. T. Yamaguchi, Two-dimensional Alexandrov spaces with curvature bounded above
63. D. Vlasenko, Extremal properties of Lobachevsky space
64. F. Witt, Generalised geometry in string theory
65. Yu. Zelinskii, Geometry of C-convex sets
66. N. Zhukova, Aureole foliations associated with Cartan foliations and their minimal sets
67. O. Zykov, The special theory of a relativity and non-Euclidean geometry