3d Northern Triangular Seminar

11-13 April 2011, Euler International Mathematical Institute

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Euler International Mathematical Institute

Chebyshev Laboratory

Saint-Petersburg State University

St.Petersburg Dep. of Steklov Institute of Mathematics

Second Announcement

1. Conference venue

The conference will take place at the Euler International Mathematical Institute (EIMI), which is a part of the St. Petersburg Department of Steklov Mathematical Institute.

The EIMI address: Pesochnaya naberezhnaya (embankment), 10.

For details please see Location

2. Programe

The preliminary programe is posted at the seminar site Program

If you are going to present a talk or poster, please, check the program and let us know urgently if something is wrong.

If you present a talk, you dispose

  • blackboards
  • beamer
  • computer (pdf, MO 2003)

If you present a poster, you dispose
a stand

According to the tradition of this conference we do not intend to publish the volume of abstracts. Instead , the site of the conference will contain the materials of invited and other talks (slides, website references etc) shortly after the end of the conference.

3. Arrival and Lodging

We are planning to arrange a shuttle from the Airport for group pick ups and individual pick ups from abroad. It is also possible to arrange a shuttle for a group pick up from Finland Railway station. Please let us know ASAP your arrival times and flight/train numbers by filling in this form

For senior participants (Pennanen, Valkeila, Hult, Lindskog) the rooms are reserved at the Andersen hotel.

For other participants, rooms (per 2-3 persons) are reserved in Popov mini-hotel,
address: Professora Popova street, 26

Both hotels are within 10 min walking distance from Euler institute as well as from metro station "Petrogradskaya", two stops away from the city center.

We did NOT reserve rooms for those who were planning to make their own arrangements (Nikkula, Kallberg, Abramowicz)

4. Abstracts

The abstract submission deadline is March, 15.

5. Financial Issues

Seminar is sponsored by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and Chebyshev Laboratory

There will be no conference fees.
The hotel accommodation (with break fest) and lunches will be covered by organizers.
There will be a free conference dinner held at the conference venue (Euler Institute) in the evening of 12.04.2011.
For those who need it, there will be a free pick up service upon arrival.

Information for RUSSIAN participants
Accommodation as well as travel expenses will be covered for Russian participants from RFBR 11-01-06804 when they comply with the requirements for reimbursement.
Please read them carefully to speed up the process.
Pay attention that you first have to pay the hotel yourself.(It is about 1300 rub per night)