Constructive Nonsmooth Analysis and Related Topics

June 18-23 , 2012,

Euler International Mathematical Institute,
St. Petersburg, RUSSIA


First announcement

Organizers of the conference are: Vladimir F. Demyanov (St.-Petersburg State University), Alexander B. Kurzhanski (Lomonosov Moscow State University), Nadia Zalesskaya (Euler International Mathematical Institute), Tatiana Vinogradova (Euler International Mathematical Institute), Lyudmila Polyakova (St.-Petersburg State University), Grigoriy Tamasyan(St.-Petersburg State University)

Co-organizers: Panos Pardalos (The National Research University - Higher School of Economics, University of Florida), Boris Goldengorin (The National Research University - Higher School of Economics, N.Novgorod Branch)

The International Program Committee: J.-P. Aubin (France), M. Balinski (France), F.L.Chernous'ko (Russia), F. Clarke (France), V.F.Demyanov (Russia), A.D.Ioffe (Israel), F.Giannessi (Italy), J.-B. Hiriart-Urruty (France), A.B.Kurzhanski (Russia), S.S.Kutateladze (Russia), V.N.Malozemov (Russia), D.Pallaschke (Germany), Panos Pardalos (USA), L.A. Petrosyan (Russia), B.T. Polyak (Russia), R.T. Rockafellar (USA), V.M.Tikhomirov (Russia), V.N.Ushakov (Russia), Ya I.Zabotin (Russia).

Invited Speakers (confirmed by November 7, 2011) A.Bagirov (Australia), Jonathan Borwein (Australia),Jean-Pierre Crouzeix (France), Gianni Di Pillo (Italy), S.I. Dudov (Russia), H.Frankowska (France), M.Gaudioso (Italy), V.V.Gorokhovik (Belarus), Joachim Gwinner (Germany), Yuri Ledyaev (USA), Adrian Lewis (USA), Marko M. Makela (Finland), R. Mifflin (USA) E.A.Nurminski (Russia), A.Maugeri (Italy), A.I.Minchenko (Belarus), B.Mordukhovich (USA), T. M. Rassias (Greece), G. Stavroulakis (Greece), A.S.Strekalovski (Russia), M.Thera (France), Rainer Tichatshke (Germany), R.Wets (USA).

The topics of interest include:

  1. Constructive tools of Nonsmooth Fnalysis.
  2. Nonsmooth Problems of Calculus of Variations and Control Theory.
  3. Problems of Nonsmooth Mechanics.
  4. Nondifferentiable Optimization.
  5. Applications of Nonsmooth Analysis (Nonsmooth Mathematical Modeling, Mathematical Diagnostics).
  6. Nonsmooth Methods in Game Theory.
  7. Nonlinear Chebyshev approximations and nonsmooth optimization.

The meeting will feature plenary talks, invited talks, and contributed talks, as well as a poster session. We invite you to contribute a talk or a poster in any of the above area. The anticipated duration of contributed talks is 20 minutes. The total number of contributed talks is limited. You have to submit an abstract up to 2 pages using the LaTeX or PDF template to cnsa@imi.ras.ru before the deadline December 15, 2011.
Please, use the TEX style file above.

Registration fee is 180 Euros (100 Euros for students).

Registration is now closed

The organizers will be happy to provide registered participants with an official invitation for their institutes if they ask about it by e-mail: Tatiana Vinogradova vinogradova@pdmi.ras.ru

We hope that the time spent at the conference will be useful and also pleasant thanks to the historical places and cultural treasures of St. Petersburg in the most impressive time of the year - "white nights".

This conference is generously supported by

  • LATNA Laboratory of Algorithms and Technologies for Networks Analysis, The National Research University - Higher School of Economics, Russia
  • Euler International Mathematical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia and
  • St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia

    Conference Email: cnsa@imi.ras.ru
    Conference Web Page: http://www.pdmi.ras.ru/EIMI/2012/NSA/index.html