O.A. Ladyzhenskaya centennial conference on PDE's

16 - 22 July, 2022.

Euler International Mathematical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

Dear colleagues,

this conference dedicated to the centennial of Olga Ladyzhenskaya, an event of global significance is organized as a a satellite of International Congress of Mathematicians
It will be held on the planned dates (16-22.07.2022) as a hybrid event, both on-line and in-person at PDMI.


1. Registration is closed.

2. Zoom link will be sent to all registered online-participants on Thursday July 14, 2022. Please do not post this link publicly. If you do not get the link please check your spam box.

Program Committee

Nina Uraltseva (St. Petersburg State Univ.) - chair
Gianni Dal Maso (SISSA)
Valery Kozlov (V.A. Steklov Math. Institute, Moscow)
Nikolai Krylov (Univ. of Minnesota)
Ari Laptev (Imperial College London)
Alexander Nazarov (V.A. Steklov Math. Institute, St. Petersburg)
Sergey Repin (V.A. Steklov Math. Institute, St. Petersburg)
Jose-Francisco Rodrigues (Univ. of Lisbon)
Alexander Skubachevskii (RUDN University, Moscow)
Vsevolod Solonnikov (V.A. Steklov Math. Institute, St. Petersburg)
Neil Trudinger (Australian National Univ., Canberra)
Juan Luis Vazquez (Autonomous Univ. of Madrid)

Invited speakers (confirmed):

  • Hugo Beirao da Veiga (Italy)
  • Gregory Chechkin (Russia)
  • Andrea Cianchi (Italy)
  • Manuel Del Pino (United Kingdom)
  • Vladimir Fedorov (Russia)
  • Alessio Figalli (Switzerland)
  • Maksim Frolov (Russia)
  • Vladimir Golubyatnikov (Russia)
  • Yavdat Ilyasov (Russia)
  • Varga Kalantarov (Turkey)
  • Vladimir Kozlov (Sweden)
  • Galina Lazareva (Russia)
  • Guiseppe Mingione (Italy)
  • Roberta Musina (Italy)
  • Sergei Nazarov (Russia)
  • Maxim Olshanskii (USA)
  • Dian Palagachev (Italy)
  • Grigory Panasenko (France)
  • Evgeny Panov (Russia)
  • Andrey Piatnitski (Norway & Russia)
  • Olivier Pironneau (France)
  • Sergey Repin (Russia)
  • Jose Francisco Rodrigues (Portugal)
  • Xavier Ros-Oton (Spain)
  • Mikhail Safonov (USA)
  • Itai Shafrir (Israel)
  • Boyan Sirakov (Brazil)
  • Mikhail Surnachev (Russia)
  • Tatyana Suslina (Russia)
  • Susanna Terracini (Italy)
  • Petr Vabishchevich (Russia)
  • Yuri Vassilevski (Russia)
  • Juncheng Wei (Canada)

  • Organising Committee

    D. Apushkinskaya – co-chair
    A. Nazarov – co-chair
    A. Mikhailov
    F. Bakharev
    S. Repin
    E. Stepanov
    S. Tikhomirov
    N. Petrova
    T. Vinogradova
    N. Zalesskaya
    With deep sorrow we inform you that Tatyana Vinogradova, a member of the Organising Committee, unexpectedly passed away on 3rd January 2022 of heart failure. Our team has lost a great person and an indispensable member of staff. R.I.P.