Arnold's Seminar: Schedule for Autumn 1999

September 7
V.Chernov. Finite-order invariants of Legendrian, of transverse, and of framed knots in contact $3$-manifolds.
September 14
S.Gusein-Zade. Some problems of Arnold and the plan of the seminar for this semester.
September 21
S.M.Natanzon. Frobenius structures on the spaces of versal deformations of $A_n$ and $B_n$ singularities.
September 28
M. Kazarian. Computing Thom polynomials via symmetries of singularities (after a paper by R. Rimanyi).
October 5
M. Kazarian. Continuation of the previous talk.
S.Gusein-Zade. On A_k singularities of plane curves of a fixed degree. (Summary).
October 12
I.Bogaevski. Mather's theory for Lagrange and Legendre mappings.
October 19
G.Karpunin Analog of Morse theory for planar linear networks and the generalised Steiner problem.
October 26
Yu. Chekanov. Proof of Arnold's 4 cusp conjecture (joint work with P. Pushkar).
November 2
Viktor Ya. Ivrii. Everything began from Weyl.
November 9
S. Shadrin. On the complement of the bifucation diagram of rela trigonometric polynomials.
November 16
O.Karpenkov. Vector fields on strata.
November 23
V.Zakalyukin. On subriemannian caustics for contact distributions in the three-space.
November 30
Jacques-Olivier Moussafir. An effective algorithm for computing 2-dimensionnal sails.
December 7
Fabien NAPOLITANO. Rigidity and Stability principle in singularity theory.
December 14
A.Mailybaev, A.Seyranian. On the stability regions of linear Hamiltonian systems.

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