Arnold's Seminar: Schedule for Autumn 2000

September 12
V.I.Arnold. Plans for this semester.

September 19
No seminar.

September 26
Ya.M.Dymarski (Lugansk). Families of symmetric operators with multiple eigenvalues. Abstract

October 3
V.Fock (St. Petersburg). Poisson structures on the moduli space of flat connections on Riemann surfaces (joint work with A.Rosly).

October 10
O.Karpenkov. Combinatorics of $B_n^l$ boundary singularities of k-immersions and Bernoulli-Euler numbers.
Abstract (Cyrillic)
Abstract (transliteration)

October 17
B.Shapiro. A note on polynomial eigenfunctions of dk/dxkQk(x) (joint work with G.M\'asson).
Abstract (TeX)

October 24
V.Kryukov. Schubert cells on the Lagrangian Grassmannian.
Abstract (TeX): Russian (Cyrillic), Russian (transliteration).

October 31
S.Orevkov. Hilbert's Sixteenth Problem for Quasiholomorphic Curves.

November 7
No seminar.

November 14
V.I.Arnold. Quaternionic Lagrangian Grassmannian.
Abstract: Russian (Cyrillic), Russian (transliteration).

November 21
S.K.Lando. Quaternionic Lagrangian Grassmannian (after A.Givental). Abstract.

November 28
M.Mishustin. Neighbourhoods of compact complex submanifolds. Abstract (transliterated Russian).

December 5
Yu.Chekanov. Klaus Mohnke's proof of Arnold's chord conjecture. Abstract (English).

December 12
No seminar.

December 19
D.Ponomarev. Algebraic and symplectic geometry in dimension 4 (after P.Biran). Abstract.

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