Arnold's Seminar: Schedule for Spring 2001

February 20.
Plans of the seminar for the spring semester and current problems (jam session).
Problems by B.Shapiro:
(1) Polynomials and doubly stochastic matrices: TeX, JPEG, gzipped PostScript.
(2) Simultaneous quadratic equations: TeX, JPEG, gzipped PostScript.

February 27.
D.Zvonkine. The multiplicities of the Lyashko-Looijenga map.
Abstract (transliterated Russian).
Handwritten notes taken by S.Duzhin (in Russian).

March 6.
M.Kazarian. Goryunov-Lando Compactification of Moduli Spaces and Hurwitz Numbers.

March 13.
O.Karpenkov. Configurations of real and complex polynomials (after F.Catanese and P.Frediani).

March 20.
B.Shapiro (Univ. of Stockholm). New results and conjectures on the polynomial eigenfuctions to d^k/dx^k (Qf) where Q is a degree k polynomial.
A recent paper by G.Masson and B.Shapiro with 14 conjectures.

March 27.
V.Zakalyukin. Some problems related to singular Lagrangian and Legendrian manifolds.

April 3.
M.Kazarian. Something about Lyashko-Looijenga map.

April 10.
D.Ponomarev. Nevanlinna theory: a survey.

April 17.
M.Kazarian. Something about Lyashko-Looijenga map.

April 24.
S.Natanzon. Topological classification of actions of the group Z^m_p on surfaces.
Abstract: in Russian, in English.

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