Arnold's Seminar: Schedule for Spring 2002

February 19.
Semyon Alesker (Tel-Aviv Univ.). "Quaternionic linear algebra and a theory of plurisubharmonic functions of a quaternionic variable".

February 26.
Oleg Myasnichenko. "Nilpotent $(n,n(n+1)/2)$ Sub-Riemannian Problem".

March 5.
Boris Kruglikov. "Are there pseudoholomorphic submanifolds of complex dimensions greater than one?".

March 12.
Maxim Kazarian. "Multisingularities and cobordisms".

March 19.
Maxim Kazarian. "Multisingularities and cobordisms (continuation)".

March 26.
D.A.Ponomarev. "Classical Hamiltonian and quantum mechanics (following the paper of A.Ashtekar and Steller)".

April 2.
V.Zakalyukin. Singularities of families of chords (joint work with P.Giblin).

April 9.
S.Gusein-Zade. Zeta-function and Poincare series of a hypersurface singularity. Abstract.

April 16.
S.M.Natanzon. Noncommutative extensions of two-dimensional quantum field theories and Hurwitz numbers. Russian Abstract.

April 23.
A.A.Davydov, V.M.Zakalyukin. (1) Optimization on the average in controled dynamical systems. (2) On the classification of point singularities in implicit systems of first order on the pkane. Russian Abstract.

May 7.
G. Mikhalkin (S-Petersburg and Utah). "Tropical algebraic geometry" Abstract in latinized Russian.

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