Arnold's Seminar, Spring 2006

February 21.
I.Bogaevski. Particle trajectories in the least action variational problem.
Abstract (Russian).

February 28.
S.Anisov. Convex hulls of Z_p-orbits in R^4.
Abstract (English).

March 7.
P.Pushkar. Spring Morse theory.
Abstract (English).

March 14.
S.M.Gusein-Zade. Lambda-structure on the Grothendieck ring of algebraic varieties and invariants of Hilbert schemes of "fat points".

March 21.
V.M.Zakalyukin. "Classifications of singularities of functions and mappings with respect to subgroups of standard equivalences".

March 28.
S.M.Natanzon. "Poincare theorem for the modular group of real algebraic curves".
Abstract (Russian).

April 4.
M.Kazarian, S.Lando. "Explicit formulas for Thom polynomials of isolated (multi)singularities of 1-dimensional mappings".

April 11.
S.Natanzon. "Singularities and Frobenius manifolds".
Abstract (Russian).

April 18.
No seminar.

April 25.
P.M.Akhmetiev, IZMIRAN. "On higher analog of current helicity integral in MHD".
Abstract (English).

May 2 and 9.
No seminar.

May 16.
A.G.Khovansky, Moscow--Toronto. "Newton polyhedra and elimination theory".
Abstract (Russian).

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