Euler IMI

International Algebraic Conference

dedicated to the 70th birthday of Anatoly Yakovlev

St. Petersburg, Russia
June 19 - 24, 2010


The conference will take place at St. Petersburg Department of the V.A.Steklov Institute of Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Science. The address: Fontanka, 27. See the map.

    St. Petersburg State University,
    St. Petersburg Department of the V. A. Steklov Mathematical Institute,
    Euler International Mathematical Institute,
    St. Petersburg Mathematical Society,
    Euler Foundation

Organizing committee: A. Generalov (chair), N. Gordeev, I. Fesenko, S. Kislyakov, G. Leonov, Yu. Matiyasevich, A. Merkurjev, E. Novikova, I. Panin, K. Pimenov, A. Semenov, N. Vavilov, S. Vostokov, I. Zhukov.


  • Galois theory and algebraic number theory
  • algebraic and arithmetic geometry
  • homological algebra and K-theory
  • group and ring theory
  • algebraic groups, Lie algebras and representation theory


  • deadline for registration: February 1, 2010
  • deadline for abstracts: March 1, 2010
  • preliminary list of talks: March 15, 2010

    The abstracts of talks should be submitted to not later than March 1, 2010. Each submission should contain at most 2 pages in English or Russian language, in TeX/LaTeX and PDF formats. The participants will be informed on the acceptance of their abstracts. The abstracts will be published before the start of the conference and placed on the Web a month earlier.

    Do not hesitate to contact the organizers by the following E-mail address: