The Langlands program and adelic theory

May 15 - June 15, 2013

Euler International Mathematical Institute,
St. Petersburg, Russia

First announcement

   Dear friends,

   From May 15 till June 15 in St.Petersburg Department of V.A.Steklov Institute of Mathematics it is planned an activity, related to the Langlands program. Among others this activity includes lecture courses, a conference "The Langlands program and arithmetic", and a lot of informal discussions

Organizing Committee: A. Andrianov (Chair), S. Gorchinskiy, V. Gritsenko, A. Parshin, A. Smirnov

Program Committee: M. Harris, A. Parshin (Chair)

Participants include: A. Andrianov, S. Gorchinskiy, V. Gritsenko, G. Henniart, J.-P. Labesse, D. Osipov, A. Parshin, A. Smirnov,

Lecture Courses

S. Gorchinskiy: Introduction to the representation theory of reductive groups over local fields

A. Smirnov: Introduction to adeles, the class field theory and the Weil groups

J.-P. Labesse: Trace formula, base change and automorphic induction

A. Parshin: Generalizations of the Langlands program

The conference "The Langlands program and arithmetic" will take place on 10-14 June

Please do not hesitate to contact the organiseres at:
parshin@mi.ras.ru Alexey Parshin, in connection with scientific programme
vinogradova@pdmi.ras.ru Mrs Tatiana Vinogradova, regarding the visa support documents;
zaleska@pdmi.ras.ru Mrs Nadia Zalesskaya regarding accommodation in St.Petersburg.