Arnold's Seminar: Schedule for Autumn 2003

September 9.
V.I.Arnold. Problems.

September 16.
V.Chernov. Affine linking and winding numbers and their applications to the study of causality and of front propagations.

September 23.
R.Uribe. On Arnold's Monads of Finite Groups.

September 30.
Oleg Karpenkov. On tori triangulation associated with multidimensional continued fractions for algebraic irrationalities.

October 7.
V.D.Sedykh. On topology of a smooth surface with singularities of corank 1

October 21.
P. Pushkar, About recent Fuks' papers on Legendre knot invariants (Chekanov's Legendre homology etc)

October 28.
V.I.Arnold. On the (small) Fermat theorem for matrices.

November 4.
O.Karpenkov. On bi-cubic characterization polynomials for classes of 3x3 matrices with integer coefficients and distinct irrational eigenvalues.

November 18.
M. Kazarian. Simple matrix singularities (after Goryunov, Zakalyukin, Bruce, Tari).
Abstract (English), Abstract (Russian).

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