Arnold's Mathematical Seminar

This seminar was started by V.I.Arnold in the 1960's. It is dedicated to singularity theory and related topics (which, of course, include a big part of mathematics).

For many years, the seminar meets on Tuesdays, 16:20 -- 18:00 in room no. 14-14 of the main building of Moscow State University. Since 1993, the Parisian branch of the seminar meets at the same time in the Jussieu Mathematical Institute (formerly in Ecole Normale Superieure).

Schedule for Autumn 2005

October 4.
V.I.Arnold. Problems.

October 11.
V.I.Arnold. Problems (continued).

October 18.
A.A.Karatsuba. Solution of an arithmetical problem posed by Arnold.

October 25.
A.V.Zarelua. On the history of the Frobenius matrix theorem.

November 1.
V.I.Arnold. Problems (continued).

November 8.

November 15.
Jacques-Olivier Moussafir. Using some results from the theory of dynamical systems for industrial mixing. Abstract (English),

November 22.
V.Golyshev. A canonical property of 3-dimensional projective spaces and the signature of the polarizing form of their quantum differential equations. Abstract (Russian),

November 29.
V.I.Arnold. Sectional curvatures of CP^2.

December 6.
A.A.Davydov. Arnold's one-parametric model of cyclic processes: optimal strategies and classification of singularities. Abstract (Russian),

December 13.
D.Ponomarev. On some arithmetical problems of V.I.Arnold.

December 20.
V.I.Arnold. Kronrod trees and classification of functions on surfaces.
S.Chmutov. Khovanov-like graph cohomology.

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