Arnold's Seminar: Schedule for Spring 1999

February 9
S.K.Lando. On a Hopf algebra in graph theory.
February 16
V.M.Zakalyukin. On the recent papers of Arnold.
February 23
S.Natanson. Hurwitz spaces.
March 2
B.Kruglikov. Nijenhuis tensors in pseudoholomorphic curves neighbourhoods.
March 9
M.Kazarian. Problems of B. and M. Shapiro.
March 16
V.Zakalyukin, Arnold's problems.
March 23
P.Pushkar'. Lagrangian intersections in a symplectic vector space.
March 30
M.Kazarian. Elementary introduction to the theory of characteristic classes dual to singularity loci.
April 6
F.Tkachov. Mathematical problems of theoretical high-energy physics and the theory of singularities.
April 13
V.Zakalyukin. On Ricardo Uribe's paper "Bifurcation diagram of vanishing flattenings".
April 20
S.Gusein-Zade. The Alexander polynomial of a plane curve singularity and the ring of functions on it.

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