Arnold's Mathematical Seminar

Schedule for Autumn 2004

October 5.
V.I.Arnold. Problems.

October 12.
O.Karpenkov. On multidimensional continued fractions.
Abstract: Russian (Cyrillic), Russian (transliteration).

October 19.
B.Shapiro (joint with A.Gabrielov, D.Novikov). Mystery of point charges.

October 26.
V.Karpushkin. (Title remained unclear).

November 2.
V.D.Sedykh. On relations between the Euler characteristics of manifolds of multisingularities of stable smooth corank 1 maps.

November 9.
I.A.Bogaevsky. Discontinuous gradient dynamical systems and trajectories of variational problems.
Abstract (Russian). Full text.

November 16.
No meeting.

November 23.

November 30.
S.K.Lando. Report about joint work with M.Kazarian on the Hurwitz problem.

December 7.
V.Arnold. Review of journals and remarks on the dynamics in finite fields.

December 14.
A.G.Khovanskii. Multidimensional primitives and multidimensional symbols.
Abstract (Russian).

December 21.
M.Kazarian. Integrable systems, K3-surfaces and mirror symmetry (after a paper by M.Kontsevich and Ya.Soibelman).
Abstract (Russian).

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