Scope of the conference

The event is intended to bring together scientists interested in the theory of various nature wave phenomena. We welcome active researchers from all over the world.

Traditionally the following topics are presented:

Scattering and diffraction
Acoustics, vibration, elastic waves
Electromagnetics and radiophysics
Waves in complex media
Localized waves
Nonlinear waves
Mathematical aspects of wave propagation
Asymptotic techniques
Spectral theory
Inverse problems
Numerical approaches
Wavelets and applications

Contributions covering wave phenomena of various nature are encouraged.

Conference also includes special sessions.

Special sessions

Mini-symposium “Inverse problems” organized by M.I. Belishev

Mini-symposium “Linear and nonlinear water waves” organized by N.G. Kuznetsov and O.V. Motygin

Mini-symposium “Heun's equations and their applications” organized by A.Ya. Kazakov

Organizers of DD'20:               
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