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Days on Diffraction is annual international conference organized in St. Petersburg in the beginning of summer.

The Days on Diffraction have been held since 1968. Initially, it was merely the Day on Diffraction, a one-day seminar organized by V.S. Buldyrev . The seminar's aim was to present the latest results obtained by researchers of the Leningrad school of diffraction theory. The foundation of this school was laid in the works of V.A. Fock, V.I. Smirnov, and S.L. Sobolev. Due to V.S. Buldyrev's initiative and joint efforts of him and his students, V.E. Grikurov should be mentioned first among them, Days on Diffraction became an international conference in 1992 with English as the official language. Now the conference is the most representative forum concerning the up-dated state-of-the-art in theory of diffraction and wave propagation, related mathematical topics, and, to some extent, relevant questions of techniques. The participants represent all parts of the world. The traditional conference topics are the following: mathematical problems of diffraction and wave propagation theory; boundary-value contact problems arising in acoustics and electrodynamics; propagation of waves in inhomogeneous, stochastic, and composite media; wave phenomena in meta-materials and nano-structures; theory of wave-guides and resonators; numerical methods; nonlinear waves. During the past few years several new topics were added, namely: water waves; homogenization; spectral theory of operators; wavelet analysis. Conference's web-history is available since 1996.

The conference organizers are now as follows: St. Petersburg Department of V.A. Steklov Institute of Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Euler International Mathematical Institute, and St. Petersburg State University.

The conference lasts five days, and there are plenary, sectional, and poster sessions. The cultural programme consists of a boat trip, an excursion to the Peterhof parks, and the traditional picnic which has never been interrupted by weather freaks.

Reference: V.M. Babich, A.P. Kiselev, “Days on Diffraction,” Successor of all-USSR symposia and schools on diffraction theory, In Russian, English translation: Journal of Math. Sciences, 2011, Vol. 175, Issue 6, pp. 621–622.

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