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The registration and submission are done through the form below. We expect to get an abstract in LaTeX prepared using our sample and limited, if possible, by one page.

Word and ODF documents are also considered, but they are converted to LaTeX for publication in the book of abstract, which may result in misprints. LaTeX format is mandatory for abstracts with significant amount of formulas and/or figures.

Please note that the size of uploaded files is limited (16Mb each file and 16Mb overall). If your files exceed the limit, please either archive them or send partly by e-mail.

One person is expected to give one presentation and possibly to co-authorize another one. Normally, if one presentation is oral, then the other is poster. Please take account of this when choosing Suggested session in the form below.

Booklet of abstracts of all papers accepted for presentation will be available at the Conference.

If you have special wishes for the day or time of your talk, please inform us in advance by e-mail or using the Notes field below.

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Acoustics, vibration, elastic waves
Asymptotic methods
Electromagnetics, optics & radiophysics
History of diffraction
Inverse problems
Localized waves
Mathematical aspects of wave propagation
Numerical approaches
Scattering and diffraction
Water waves
Wave propagation in thin layers
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