Arnold's Mathematical Seminar

Schedule for Spring 2004

February 17.
V.M.Zakalyukin. "On singular Legendre varieties".

February 24.
S.Shadrin. "Associativity equations and dGBV algebras."
Abstract: Russian (translit).

March 2.
M.Kazarian, S.Lando. "Application of global singularity theory to the geometry of Hurwitz spaces."
Abstract: Russian (translit).

March 9.
Pavel Kolgushkin. "Classification of simple singularities of curves in symplectic and contact spaces."
Abstract: Russian (translit).

March 16.
Yu.Burman. "Selfintersections of curves on oriented surfaces".
Abstract in Russian.

March 23.
M.Kazarian. "Integration over Hurwitz spaces and over moduli spaces of curves."
Abstract in Russian.

March 30.
M.Kazarian. "Integration over Hurwitz spaces and over moduli spaces of curves (continued)."

April 6.
V.D.Sedykh. "Resolution of singularities of the image of a stable smooth mapping having corank 1 in the preimage."

April 13.
B.Kazarnovsky. "Intersections of tropical varieties."
Abstract: Russian Cyrillic, Russian (transliteration),

April 20.
S.Gusein-Zade. "Radial index and Euler obstruction of a 1-form on a singular variety."

April 27.
A.Khovanskii. Title to be announced.

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