Miniconference "Low-dimensional mathematics"

Dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the seminar "Low-dimensional mathematics".

Venue: Euler institute, St.Petersburg, June 29 - July 1, 2006.


Topics: any reasonable mathematics that can be explained to a non-specialist (see the Cumulative list of talks on the seminar web site).

Working language: Russian (with a possible switch to English in case of necessity).

The 1st announcement was sent out on April 26, 2006. Additional information (conference fee etc.) is contained in the 3rd announcement sent out on June 14, 2006.

Schedule of talks:

First day (June 29th):

Second day (June 30th):

Participants without talks: Program committee: {S.Duzhin}.
Organizing committee: {S.Duzhin, E.Novikova}.

The conference has been successful, and we plan to make it a regular event: every second year in the end of June -- beginning of July. Please send applications and questions to duzhin[x] For technical questions (hotels, visas etc.) you may contact novikova[x]