Arnold's Seminar, Spring 2005

February 22.
V.Manturov. Minimal diagrams of classical and virtual knots.
Abstract (English), Abstract (Russian).

March 1.
Yu.S.Ilyashenko. The problem of zeroes of Abelian integrals: 40 years of development.
Abstract (Russian).

March 15.
V.Zakalyukin (joint work with V. Goryunov). On stability of projections of Lagrangian varieties.

March 22.
S.M.Natanzon. Moduli space of m-spin structures.
Abstract (Russian).

March 29.
A.Glutsuk. Upper bounds on the topology of level sets.
Abstract (Cyrillic). Abstract (translit).

April 5.
A.Seyranian and others (Istitute of Mechanics, MSU). Multiprameter stability theory with applications to mechanics .
Abstract (Russian, Cyrillic).

April 12.
A.Remizov. On singular points of differential equations.
Abstract (Russian, Cyrillic).

April 19.
L.Stunzhas. Singularities of center symmetry set.
Abstract (English).

April 26.
M.Kazaryan. An algebro-geometric proof of Witten's conjecture.
Abstract (English).

May 3.
No session.

May 10.
No session.

May 17.
L.Kauffman. Introduction to Virtual Knot Theory.
Abstract (English).

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