Quantum Topology

July 13 - 18, 2015

Euler International Mathematical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

Speakers and talks

1. Anton Alekseev, Moduli spaces of flat connections and free Lie algebras
2. Ivan Dynnikov, Convex surfaces and rectangular diagrams
3. Michael Farber, Topology of large random spaces
4. Evgeny Fominykh, On Matveevís complexity of classical and virtual 3-manifolds
5. Alexander Gaifullin, The Bellows conjecture in odd-dimensional Lobachevsky spaces
6. Nathan Geer, Re-normalized TQFTs
7. Paul Kirk, A Lagrangian-Floer theory for traceless SU(2) character varieties of tangles
8. Sergei Lando, Matroids, delta-matroids, and knot invariants
9. Andrei Malyutin, On the number of non-hyperbolic knots
10. Vassily Manturov, Picture-valued invariants, groups , and applications of virtual knot theory to classical knot theory
11. Gregor Masbaum, On modular TQFT-representations of mapping class groups
13. Alexander Mednykh, Branched coverings and harmonic automorphisms of graphs
14. Andrey Morozov, Simplified Khovanov-Rozansky calculus
15. Sergey Natanzon, Symmetric solutions of the dispersionless 2D Toda hierarchy, Hurwitz numbers and conformal dynamics
16. Tahl Nowik, Complexity and invariants of knot diagrams, curves, and surfaces
17. Athanase Papadopoulos, The arc metric on Teichmuller space
18. Jozef Przytycki, Homology of Yang-Baxter operators and search for (co)cycle invariants of knots
19. Christoph Schweigert, TV theories with defects and representation theory
20. Adam Sikora, On fundamental properties of skein algebras of surfaces
21. Alexey Sleptsov, Calculation of colored HOMFLY polynomials
22. Iskander Taimanov, On a high-dimensional generalization of Seifert fibrations
23. Andrei Vesnin, A census of tetrahedral hyperbolic manifolds and links
24. Vladimir Vershinin, Brunnian Braids and Lie Algebras
25. Alexis Virelizier, 3-dimensional HQFTs