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Петербургский семинар

по теории представлений и динамическим системам

Ауд. 311, ПОМИ, Фонтанка 27, среда, 17.00

17 апреля 2019 г., 12.00, ММИ им. Эйлера (Песочная наб., д. 10)

(совместное заседание с конференцией "Polynomial Computer Algebra 2019")


Combinatorial encoding of continuous processes

How to encode purely continuous messages with locally finite arrays? The simplest example of such a problem is the encoding of a sequence of independent random variables with continuous distribution using a discrete locally finite alphabet. This problem is simultaneously related to information theory, combinatorics, dynamics, and logic. One of the aspects is to enlarge the framework of symbolic dynamics and the notion of ordinary stationarity. We describe the main example: using the alphabet of Weyl simplices, we give such an encoding of a Bernoulli scheme, and then introduce the notion of quasi-stationarity (transfer) for the space of paths in a graded graph.

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