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Seminar on Low-Dimensional Mathematics

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Place: Room 311, PDMI (27 Fontanka, St.-Petersburg).
Time: Fridays, 16:00--17:45.
Sponsor: oil company Schlumberger.
Organizer: S.Duzhin.

Schedule of talks for Autumn Semester 2001

Current schedule.

The two titles of the seminar ("Moscow--Petersburg" and "Low-dimensional Mathematics") should not be taken too seriously.

On one hand, although our primary aim is to foster working contacts between the two main mathematical schools of Russia (Moscow and St.Petersburg), we also encourage mathematicians from other Russian cities as well as from outside Russia to present their talks at the seminar.

On another hand, although I personally prefer low-dimensional objects to high-dimensional and infinite-dimensional, the scope of the seminar is not, in principle, limited to any specific field of mathematics. Talks dedicated to any reasonable mathematical subject will be earnestly considered. Preference will be given to the talks of 'colloquium' nature, interesting to the general mathematical audience, not only to narrow specialists.

The seminar is sponsored by the oil company Schlumberger with which I have a research contract. This will allow us to cover the travel and living expenses for visitors from Moscow and probably from other Russian cities. Local speakers will be able to get a (small) fee for their talks, too. We shall not be able to cover the travel expenses from abroad; however, we will do our best to help the international visitors with accomodation and sightseeing in St.Petersburg.

Announcements about this seminar are sent over a special mailing list. If you want your address to be included in this list, please write me at duzhin@pdmi.ras.ru. To arrange your talk at the seminar, use the same address. If you have a wish to prepare a talk in principle, but are not yet sure about your nearest schedule, do not hesitate to write me, either. The talks are expected to be 1.5 hours (two 45 minute sections with a break).

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