Arnold's Seminar: Schedule for Spring 2003

February 18.
S.K.Lando. "On conjectures forming the base of the geometry of spaces of rational functions".
Abstract: Russian (Cyrillic), English.

February 25.
A.G.Khovanskii. "Multidimensional topological version of Galois theory".
Abstract: Russian (transliteration),

March 4.
V.Kisunko. "Holomorphicity on singular varieties".
Abstract: Russian (transliteration),

March 11.
A.D.Mednykh (Novosibirsk). "Volumes of hyperbolic 3-manifolds and orbifolds".

March 18.
V.Golyshev. "Calculation of Gromov-Witten invariants and mirror symmetry"

March 25.
S.Natanzon. "Effectivuzation of Riemann's theorem about complex plane domains"
Abstract: Russian translit, Russian Cyrillic.

April 1.
O.N.Kirillov, A.P.Seyranian. "Metamorphoses of characteristic curves in non-conservative systems dependent on parameters".
Abstract: Russian (Cyrillic), English.

April 8.
Victor Goryunov (joint work with D.Mond). "Tjurina and Milnor numbers of matrix singularities".
Abstract: English.

April 15.
M.Kazarian. "Localized Thom polynomials".
Abstract: Russian (Cyrillic), English.

April 22.
Yu.S. Ilyashenko. "Conservation theorems in the theory of polynomial dynamical systems and Kupka-Smale property for Henon mapppings".
Abstract: Russian (Cyrillic),

April 29.
S.M.Gusein-Zade. "Arcs on singularities, filtrations and integrals over Euler characteristic".
Abstract: Russian (transliteration),

May 13.
Sergei Chulkov. "Hilbert polynomial of a system of linear differential equations."
Abstract: Russian (transliteration),

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